SharePoint Consultant - Administrator Senior

SharePoint Consultant - Senior Administrator


Location: Home Office (Virtual)

Are you passionate about solving critical business issues with Microsoft technologies and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment with bright and energetic professionals? Do you seek the daily camaraderie and technical focus of a dynamic, industry leading SharePoint consulting firm?

In this key SharePoint role, you will be involved in numerous SharePoint projects.
  • As a key full-time member of our SharePoint consulting team, your primary responsibility will be to work with clients to help drive their SharePoint strategy, ultimately leading them to identify and document business needs, deploy additional feature sets, and migrate to SharePoint 2013 and beyond.
  • Excellent customer-facing, interpersonal, organizational, analytical and problem solving skills are a must as you will be responsible for interacting directly client team members at all levels.
  • A proven background in project management is a plus as you will be responsible for, and expected to take, ownership of projects.
  • You will be responsible for preparing and presenting numerous forms of documentation and project plans, and for ensuring projects are completed on-time and on-budget.
  • Other duties will include assisting and supplementing our Support Services organization and other project team members in the efforts.

  • Physical Architecture - Design a storage architecture (RAID), configure basic request management, define individual server requirements, service topologies, plan load balancing
  • Network Infrastructure - Plan for internal and external farm communications, networking, Active Directory, DNS, IIS, and analyzing infrastructure services
  • Logical Taxonomy - Plan application pools, web applications, software boundaries, content databases, host-header site collections, zones and alternate access mapping
  • Installation Planning - Identify and configure installation prerequisites, implement scripted deployment, implement patch slipstreaming, plan and install language packs, plan and configure service connection points, plan installation tracking and auditing, implement managed paths for Office 365 migrations, configure SharePoint hybrid cloud settings
  • High Availability - Plan for SQL Server mirroring, SQL Server clustering, SQL Server AlwaysOn, SQL Server Log Shipping, storage redundancy, and login replication; Plan for SharePoint service distribution, service instance configuration, physical server distribution, network redundancy, server load balancing, and SQL Server aliases
  • Information Architecture - Design an inter-site navigational taxonomy, site columns and content types; keywords, synonyms, best bets, and managed properties, plan information management policies, managed site structures, term sets, and hybrid cloud integration requirements
  • Service Applications - planning for User Profile Service, Search Service Application, Business Connectivity Services (BCS), Microsoft Excel Services, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), PowerPivot, InfoPath Forms Service, and planning service application server roles
  • Component Strategy – Manage Apps, web parts, feature and solution deployment, site templates and definitions, master pages and layout files, and incoming and outgoing email
  • Upgrade and Migration - Perform migration pre-check tasks, analyze content database test results, configure web application authentication for upgrade, resolve orphan objects, missing file system components, and configuration conflict issues; Perform native database upgrade, content migration utilizing 3rd party tools, custom features, service application migration, read-only and detached databases, designing a QA plan, moving content within the farm
  • Security Architecture - Plan security for Web Applications, site collections, designing users and groups administration, taxonomy of security groups, managed accounts, and site security planning for SSL
  • Authentication Methods - Plan for integration of multiple authentication sources/types, NTLM, Kerberos, Forms-Based Authentication, Claims, Secure Store Service, SSO, and Active Directory Federation Services
  • Maintenance Strategy - preparing test plans for SharePoint, operating system, and SQL Server patching and maintenance, SQL Server tuning and maintenance plans, Windows/ULS/IIS/SQL log analysis
  • Enterprise Monitoring - developing monitoring for performance and availability, utilizing performance monitoring, diagnostic logging, usage logging, analyzing health and usage data
  • Backup and Recovery - Establish a SharePoint backup schedule, SQL Server backup schedule, plan a non-production environment content refresh; plan for farm configuration recovery, service application recovery, and content recovery

  • Office 365/Hybrid - Evaluate service offerings; plan service applications, plan site collections; plan customizations and solutions; plan security for SharePoint Online; plan networking services for SharePoint Online; migrate SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online
  • Office Web Apps and Workflow Manager- Plan for security requirements, execute installation and configuration and SharePoint integration
  • Past Experiences – Experience with Systems/Domain Administration, Network Administration, SQL Administration, and/or Active Directory Administration

  • Smart people who can think of more than one way to solve a problem
  • Demonstrated ability and desire to work in a true team environment. Must be able to share your toys with others in the sandbox
  • People who have career potential, since they are a growing company
  • People who not only like to do it but like teaching others how to do it
  • Effective communicators with a proven ability to positively interact with clients and team members alike

  • Opportunity to work with a team of talented SharePoint professionals; 95% of your time will be spent working from a home office. With their successful business model of client projects done off-site, travel requirements minimal, typically averaging 5%
  • You’ll work with bright, energetic people who have lives that extend beyond work as part of a real team. An exciting/fun place to work where friendships develop and extend outside of the walls of the organization
  • 100% focus on Microsoft SharePoint and the tools that support SharePoint
  • Challenging and interesting projects
  • Participate in a company undergoing growth, offering the many personal and professional opportunities that growth offers, and the opportunity to make a real difference
  • Forward thinking focus on current and future leading edge technologies, work that is relevant to today and skills in demand tomorrow
  • Building applications and products for SharePoint
  • Holistic approach to SharePoint, not just focused on one aspect. Great opportunity for cross training
  • Outstanding opportunity for growth and training and recognition within a high performance, collaborative and true team environment
  • Leader and global award winner for SharePoint 2010 when it comes to SharePoint


IncWorx Consulting, has a passion, commitment and proven track record of driving customer success. We don’t try to be all things to all people, instead, we focus on a core set of values, technologies and a proven approach that get the results our clients expect. We have been focused on developing solutions utilizing Microsoft tools and platforms since 1998. We align with Microsoft™ to deliver the best and most innovative solutions for our clients that create business agility.

The reasons candidates and clients alike choose IncWorx Consulting: · Microsoft's 2010 SharePoint Partner of the Year Award recipient · A National customer satisfaction score ranking amongst the top in the country; our clients have spoken
  • A rising star amongst the historically top ranked Microsoft partners nationally
  • Over 50% of clients ask IncWorx to become their technology "trusted advisor"
  • Achieved Gold Partner after joining the Microsoft Partner Program, and continues to maintain Gold and Silver competencies, mostly in SharePoint, year after year.
  • Earned competencies for SharePoint, custom and mobility solutions
  • Considered by our clients and endorsed by Microsoft with awards to be one of the foremost leaders in SharePoint

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By IncWorx Team 04 Dec, 2017
In an age of limitless information at our fingertips, I’m often frustrated as I try to weed through it all just to find the nuggets I’m looking for.
By IncWorx Team 04 Dec, 2017

For the last decade, SharePoint deployments have consisted of on-premise deployments which require many servers, licenses, and ongoing care and feeding. In this model there were typically one or more administrators or developers that were responsible for ensuring the farm was healthy. This typically equated to server farms that had not been patched in years or had any maintenance done whatsoever. It was just easier to leave those servers alone because nobody really knew much about SharePoint.

With the creation of the 365-application stack and movement of applications like Exchange and SharePoint started occurring, so did the start of the changing support landscape.

Fast forward to 2017 and cloud adoption has skyrocketed and the 365 stack has been maturing and adding functionality rapidly. As some of our clients have transitioned to Office 365 in varying capacities they have asked the question “Do I really need a support contract since I moved to the cloud?”

The answer to this is a resounding “YES”.

A common thought is since I don’t have the servers to be managed and maintained then there is really nothing more to support, I just use the product. Although the back-end administration and management has largely gone away, there Is still a need for product expertise for you to implement the business process, reporting, automation, and other functionality that will provide true ROI for your investment in the platform.

This is a huge benefit to our clients and can be as well for your organization. All those hours that used to be spent patching, monitoring, and maintaining your SharePoint environment can now be spent working with the business to gather requirements and developing longer term strategy for usage of the 365 platform and applications that will deliver the required business functionality.

It is exciting to see the tremendous benefits for our clients in this shift to cloud services such as Office 365, Azure, and AWS. If you are contemplating a move to the cloud and have additional questions reach out and we will be happy to assist.

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