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IncWorx Serves as Trusted Partner, Reduces Redundancies & Increases Efficiency

For the past 20 years ISO New England has been the independent, not-for-profit company that performs three critical roles for the region spanning Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and most of Maine (Operating the Power System, Administering Wholesale Electricity, Power System Planning).These three responsibilities help protect the health of the region’s economy and the well-being of its people by ensuring the availability of electricity.

ISO New England came to us after trying other vendors who were not getting the job done. They have an internal team that needed some help, so they felt that a small S3 contract would be a great way to supplement their team, do some general administration and do some light development on their custom built applications to get a feel for what we could provide and if there was potentially more opportunity.


IncWorx was able to adequately provide the requested assistance, but also provide some insightful suggestions that allowed us to really show them what we could provide! Within 3 months of signing up for our IncWorx S3 program they recognized the instant value that we provided and they began to give us more and more responsibility. This has lead to a relationship where they lean on us to be a trusted and reliable partner.

IncWorx now manages and administrates all production and test SharePoint instances. This was no small task considering that there are over 30 deployed farms across the organization. IncWorx has also taken it a step further and worked with them to consolidate their SharePoint deployments into an upgraded centralized farm. This has reduced long term licensing, resource usage, and ongoing maintenance requirements on the systems.

Another thing that IncWorx was able to do was implement a proactive maintenance and reporting service. Since then outages and system issues have drastically decreased. Systems are now more secure and well configured to ensure the highest level of security and system stability. This has helped to drastically reduce help desk tickets and outages by keeping system current and configured correctly. IncWorx has also incorporated daily monitoring and reporting on all SharePoint and SQL Servers to increase visibility.

Above and beyond helping to reduce work and manpower, IncWorx has assisted in the implementation of several standard SQL server and SharePoint server builds including but not limited to, the implementation of SharePoint 2013 Development and Production farms.

As an added value to just SharePoint help, IncWorx is also assisting with a large scale SQL server management and consolidation effort. There were over 135 instances of SQL server ranging from SQL 2005-2014 and hosting a plethora of applications. IncWorx assisted in analyzing all system usage and application data in order to design a plan to implement 50-75% reduction in SQL server instances across the enterprise. This will yield a large scale cost saving on Windows, SQL, and application licensing costs. This is on top of the simplified administration of far fewer systems.

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