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Avoid the limitations of Microsoft Pay Per Incident support. Get the actual Microsoft technical support you need today without the typical runaround. Get help now.

Microsoft Support On-Demand

For years, Microsoft’s Pay Per Incident Support was the only option for organizations needing Microsoft incident support without making a long-term commitment. That has changed!

We set out to design a Microsoft Pay Per Incident alternative that would allow organizations to get help with a single support issue for any of their Microsoft products. We worked through many iterations, including our own Pay-Per-Incident option before finally landing on an option that addresses issues quickly without requiring a long-term commitment. Our Pay-As-You-Go Consulting offers a fresh option for supporting your Microsoft technology.

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A Note on our Pay Per Incident Support Offering

After 12+ months of working with organizations of all sizes to resolve incidents of all sizes through our Microsoft Pay-Per-Incident support model, we have made the decision to replace the offering. This gives us the opportunity to more closely align with the expectations of our clients and ensure that we are providing them with the same comprehensive level of service that they have come to expect from IncWorx Consulting. There were 3 main driving factors behind this decision.


In nearly every case, we found that the “incident” that triggered someone to contact us was a small piece of a much bigger issue or need.

Despite often resolving the highlighted issue, there was no direct feeling of success or the customer’s overall needs being met.


Customers come to IncWorx with the expectation that we will resolve their Microsoft incident as well as provide additional education and guidance on the topic.

Our desire to provide this education and advice guides us daily.

In an incident-based resolution system, we were limited in our ability to help our customer understand the issue, how it was solved and what better solutions may exist.


Each of our customer’s environments is unique.

As an organization providing consulting and support for individual solutions and not just a common core platform, we must evaluate each situation and present an appropriate solution.

Supporting this type of incident resolution is different than traditional break-fix scenarios.

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