Consulting and support from a team of responsive US-based Microsoft experts.

We are not a traditional Microsoft consulting firm.
We are an extension and expansion of your internal team.
We are Microsoft technology experts. Not helpdesk technicians.

Leading businesses, universities, non-profits and local governments use IncWorx to support their teams.

Our Services

Microsoft Consulting

Microsoft Consulting

Do you lack the expertise or bandwidth to knock a project off your to-do list? We can work with you to scope a project or assign a member of our team to join your team.

Microsoft Support

Microsoft Support

Are you struggling to keep up with the needs of your users and your environment? We provide proactive and reactive support to keep things moving.

Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Solutions

Are you looking to fix an everyday problem? We offer prebuilt solutions or will work with you to design and build a custom solution to fit your needs.

Need Quick Help Without Commitment?

It’s simple. Direct access to our experts without a long term commitment.

Now available in 2 through 40-hour increments.

“I’ve been doing business with IncWorx for 10+ years. Whether project-based or on-going support, they have done an excellent job at a very reasonable rate. They are responsive, have the right lever of expertise, and easy to work with.”


Director of Information Technology, Investment Management Company

Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Winner

Supported Microsoft Technologies

Power BI

Harness the power of Power BI and analyze data from SQL Server, SharePoint, Excel, Salesforce, and more.

Power Automate

Create flows that integrate with SharePoint and 3rd party applications for enhanced business process automation.


Create custom forms and apps for the modern age…say goodbye to InfoPath and SharePoint Designer forms.

SQL Server

Support on-premise and SQL Azure planning, installation, configuration, administration, development, and HADR.

Microsoft Teams

Understand and leverage the power of Microsoft Teams for enhanced collaboration and team interaction.


Develop custom SPFx web parts and extensions to enhance the features and functionality of SharePoint.


Organize and track tasks for you and/or your team, and receive progress update notifications.


Create lightweight forms for things such as collecting feedback, creating quizzes, organizing company events.


Create and maintain existing forms, and assist with migrating them to SharePoint 2019 or Office 365.


Troubleshoot existing scripts or create new ones for single use, on demand execution, or scheduled to run.


Upload, view, search, and share videos company-wide with ease.


Create and maintain workflows and forms in support of your process automation goals.

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