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Selecting the right SQL Server Consulting service can be overwhelming, but we will help you get the right level of service from our team of SQL data experts.

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SQL Server consulting

Over 100 Years of Combined Expertise, Supporting You

MS SQL Server provides the ultimate platform for data warehousing, analysis and reporting. It can take your business to the next level. But only with proper planning, maintenance and database performance.

At IncWorx, we implement solutions for better data analysis and information reporting, giving your teams the support they need to work together more effectively. Some of our SQL Server expert solutions include:

  • SQL Server architecture and development
  • Azure SQL architecture and development
  • Data platform strategy
  • Data warehouse
  • Data analytics
  • Data reporting
  • ETL development

“One of the BEST in class professional services provider around. IncWorx was very patient, professional, understanding and knowledgeable.”

Will Knowles

How Our Microsoft SQL Server Consulting Will Work

Step 1

Schedule a Free Consultation

You’ve got a business challenge. Our team is ready to talk to you about finding the right solution on a free 30-minute discovery call.

Step 2

Choose The Service That’s Right for You

Your budget, your needs, your capabilities. We will present you with options and you choose the one that works best for you.

Step 3

Meet With Your New Senior-Level Expert

Get senior-level staff assigned directly to your project. They’ll learn everything about your business and get to work.

Step 4

See Results Immediately

Don’t wait to get faster, more efficient, and more capable. You will immediately see results and the difference in working with us.

Your Needs. Our Expertise. Let’s Get To Your Work

You deserve more than cookie-cutter SQL Server consulting or to be placed at the end of a long line of tickets. We have a solution customized for your needs, budgets, and goals. Let’s get to work.

Project Consulting Services for SQL Server Solutions

When you have a project with a defined outcome, you want a defined scope of work. Our SQL Server consultancy provides a roadmap to success, with the budget and timeline set in advance. No surprises. Just success.

Staff Augmentation for SQL Server

There’s no need to hire full-time staff to solve temporary problems. Our staff augmentation services deliver a senior-level SQL Server Developer or SQL Server DBA for your day-to-day work, for as long of as short as you need it.

Short-Term Pay-As-You-Go Support for SQL

Work directly with professional senior SQL Server consultants. With online purchase options ranging from two hours to two weeks, this is a great way to troubleshoot a number of outstanding issues you’re experiencing in SQL all at once, receive direction and recommendations on using the SQL Server Management tools, or quickly ramp up your skills.

the ETL process

Extract Transform and Load Your Data With ETL Development

The ability to maintain and analyze data is critical in today’s business world. Our SQL Server support ensures you can extract, transform and load data from all of your critical data sources. Don’t let lack of visibility to your data slow you down.

ETL Consulting Services

Featured Case Study

SQL Server Consolidation Reduces Servers by 95%

A power and utility industry customer is responsible for keeping the lights on for millions of consumers. The customer had a disparate and growing SQL Server footprint which, over the years, had amassed over 100 SQL Servers with 1,200 databases and storage of 8TB.

Learn how this customer saved an estimated $350K in licensing and maintenance costs.

Read the Case Study

Technologies supported:

  • SQL Server

“IncWorx has been great to work with and have a ton of knowledge/experience. It’s nice working with professionals that know the correct way to set things up correctly the first time.”

Ben C

Experience To Get The Job Done Right The First Time

You have a business to run. That’s why our business is to make sure your database system does what you need it to do for you, every time.

We’ve been making MS SQL Server work better since 2001. We can do it for you.

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SQL Server Consulting for Development and Design

The ability to maintain and analyze your data starts with a solid foundation. Our team will help you build that foundation or assess and adjust your existing environment to make sure you get the most out of your SQL Server. Get help with:

  • Architecture for any SQL Server version, including Azure SQL database
  • T-SQL programming, including stored procedures, functions, triggers and views
  • Code reviews and troubleshooting
  • SQL query performance tuning and optimization
  • Application backend development
  • Organize and determine your data’s purpose
  • Data normalization, de-duplication and de-identification
  • Ensure your database is relational
SQL Server managed services

SQL Server Managed Services: A Different Kind of Support

Microsoft Unified Support is expensive, difficult to navigate and, at times, unreliable. Our SQL Server Managed Service support is affordable, fast, and easy to use. Whether you are making the switch or using support for the first time, go with one of the only Gartner-recommended alternatives to Microsoft Unified or Premier support.

Get More From All of Your Data

You don’t build an industry-leading database services team by focusing on a single technology. Since 2001, we’ve built our team with the experience necessary to help regardless of where you store your data or how you manage it. Find out how we can help.


Oracle Database

Amazon Aurora

mySQL logo


interactive dashboards

Business Intelligence Compelling Visualizations Through Interactive Dashboards

Instantly make your organization more intelligent. Our SQL Server support will provide you the expertise needed to integrate, analyze and report on your data. Get help with:

  • SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
  • Modernize your reporting with Power BI
  • Data warehouse creation/modification

Make Your SQL Server Environment Work The Way You Need

SQL Server is more than a database engine. It’s the core of all the other technologies that make your business run efficiently. Our team will make it run smoothly with targeted SQL Server solutions and services.

Get More Done.

Azure SQL

  • Managed Instance setup
  • SQL DB setup
  • Migration from on-premises
  • Environment monitoring

SQL Database Design

  • Determine your data’s purpose
  • Organize your information
  • Divide information into tables
  • Specify Primary Keys
  • Create table relationships
  • Normalize / De-normalize data

SQL Server Development

  • T-SQL programming
  • Stored procedures and functions
  • Code reviews and troubleshooting
  • SQL query performance tuning
  • Application development

SQL Server Data Integration

  • Extract, transform and load (ETL)
  • SQL Server integration services (SSIS)
  • Import data from disparate systems
  • Data warehousing
  • Optimize performance
  • Other tools: Dell Boomi, Informatica

SQL Server Business Intelligence

  • SQL Server Analysis Services
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • Modernize your reporting
  • Access your BI from mobile

SQL Server Migration

  • In-place and side-by-side version / edition upgrades
  • Consolidate environments
  • Update aging hardware
  • Database migration to the cloud
  • Separate individual databases

SQL Server Upgrade

  • Benefit from additional features
  • Improve your security posture
  • Increase your app performance
  • Fully supported by Microsoft
  • Feature and security patches

SQL Server Business Continuity

  • SQL Server disaster recovery
  • SQL Server high availability
  • Develop a continuity plan
  • Backup and restore planning
  • Failover clustering

SQL Server Remote DBA Services

  • Remote SQL DBA services
  • Expert database administration
  • Stored procedure writing
  • Access to experienced resources
  • Best practice adherence

SQL Server Health Check

  • Verify SQL servers
  • SQL Server database design
  • Monitor SQL Server performance
  • Validate SQL Server indexing
  • Analyze Transaction logs

SQL Maintenance

  • Rebuild indexes
  • Compress data files
  • Update index statistics
  • Internal consistency checks
  • Back up database and log files
  • SQL maintenance plans

SQL Server Monitoring

  • Track usage analysis
  • Conduct performance analysis
  • Analyze event metrics
  • Implement proactive alerting
  • Setup automated remediation

SQL Server Performance Tuning

  • Monitor SQL Server components
  • Upgrading SQL Server databases
  • Establish a performance baseline
  • Isolate performance problems
  • Identify bottlenecks

Other Database Platforms

  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Amazon Aurora
  • MySQL

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SQL Server Consulting At The Level of Your Needs

No matter how big of a SQL Server environment you support, we can help it run smoothly. Let’s put it to work for you.

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