About IncWorx

US-Based Microsoft Consultants With an Average of 18 Years of Industry Experience

Build Your Team, Expand Your Team or Replace Your Mediocre Consultants.

Since 2001, IncWorx has provided Microsoft consulting and managed services to more than 600 customers.

Our agile, proactive approach, paired with an unmatched depth of knowledge, allows us to deliver results for our customers consistently. We do this by providing them with:

  • Senior Consultants – Average 18+ Years Experience
  • Employees Located in the US – 100% of our Team
  • 12 Contract Options – The Most Flexibility in the Industry

Trusted Partner of Leading Companies and Organizations

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“Change doesn’t have to be hard.”

“That’s why we are here – to support the Microsoft technologies that drive your business and deliver positive change.”

-Gary Biniak, CEO and Owner, IncWorx Consulting

“They are quick to respond to my needs and improve upon my ideas. I could not be happier.”

“IncWorx has been a complete pleasure. They not only helped with front end transition to new platforms but have been a great partner to our internal ITS staff.”

“You and your company are the best! I plan on using INCWORX for all my Microsoft work that I have coming up, They do great work!”

“Very professional, knowledgeable and kind to work with – Chris was persistent and patient while working to solve my issues. great job!”

“Kyle is doing such a great job and I could not have asked for a better engineer to help out with our SharePoint work. You and your company are the best!”

What Our Customers Are Saying About IncWorx

We prefer to support your work and goals and don’t like to talk about ourselves too much.

That said… we’re proud of the work we’ve done. We’re proud to have helped our customers push their businesses forward, improve efficiency and continue to innovate and inspire. Here’s what some have said.

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Join Your Business Expertise With Our Technology Expertise

At IncWorx, we know our customers know how to run their business. We just know how to help it run more efficiently with technology.

By removing obstacles, solving problems, and looking ahead of the curve, we help our customers keep growing.

Work With Senior-Level Consultants Only

When you work with us, you get a senior-level expert as your point of contact, every time. They become more than your consultant, they’re your partner.

A 100% US-based Team for Clear Communication

Communication is arguably the most important part of success. Our US-based team makes communication easy and ensures we are available for you.

The Most Contract Options in the Industry

Your organization is unique. You shouldn’t be forced into a box. Our contract options are flexible and based on your needs, your goals, and your budget.

Full-Time Employees Guarantee Consistent Resources

Rotating consultants help no one. Employing a full-time team ensures you access the same resources from project start through long-term support.

Improved Return on Your Microsoft Investment

You’ve invested heavily to bring Microsoft technology into your organization. We will move you beyond the basics and get you using it to its full potential.

We Listen, Above All Else

We have a simple process. It’s called listening to what you need and finding the best solution for your needs. It starts by asking questions, not talking at you.

“Great Knowledge and Customer Service”

“I have been working with IncWorx this past year and they helped our company upgrade to SharePoint 2016. They have great knowledge and customer service. It was one of the best experiences I have had over my 20 years in technology with working with an outside vendor. We plan on using them in the future whenever we have Sharepoint issues or software needs. I would recommend them 100%.”


Let’s Keep Moving Forward

We are ready to work with your team, become your team or replace your current underperforming consultants.

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