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Maximize Efforts, Complete Projects, and Grow Your Business

Your team has tools. They have ideas on how to use them. They want to use their Microsoft in the most effective way possible.

They need consistent, comprehensive support to make the most out of your investment. Microsoft Professional Support Services is our comprehensive consulting and support service that increases your team’s productivity by removing and preventing the roadblocks that slow them down.

Each user group in your company has a unique perspective. The diverse skill sets of our team allow us to provide unique support to each. We can provide clear how-to instruction to your end-users while also providing technical support for your heavily experienced IT team members.

Flexible Contracts Meet Your Needs and Grow With You

How many incidents will your team have this month? This year? It’s impossible to say. So your contract shouldn’t try to guess.

We’ve developed plans to be flexible. Choose contract length and number of hours depending on your unique needs.

Annual Plan

Stability, predictability, longevity.

  • Equal monthly installments for predictable spend all year
  • Discounted rates based on the number of hours
  • Ability to borrow hours from future months

Month-to-Month Plan

Use what you need, for as long as you need it.

  • No long-term commitments
  • Unused hours rollover for duration of enrollment
  • Easily increase/decrease hours for future months

Get Dedicated Support From a Senior Level Expert

From the very beginning you are assigned a primary technical point-of-contact who will actively work to become a member of your team. Their number one goal is to understand your business, your environment and your users.

What does dedication mean?

Our Team is Your Team

A dedicated Point of Contact is critical, but it’s not enough. With our Microsoft support, your team immediately grows to include experts in all areas of Microsoft technology.

Short Response Times

Overcoming a challenge as quickly as possible is important to keep your team productive. To make this happen, our response times are some of the best in the industry – we average 33 minutes!

100% Custom Tailored

No two companies run the same which means unique support needs. From the minute we kick off, we work with you to customize the process from ticket submission to follow.

Users Deserve The Same Exceptional Support You Expect

Supporting your end-users shouldn’t be an afterthought. Give them access to the answers they need to be more productive.

Our team has spent years working with users from every level of an organization. Whether a C-Level needs a quick answer or a new employee needs to spend an hour learning how to get around your environment we know how to give them the attention they need and deserve.

Dedicated Team

All of our plans ensure you get access to a dedicated team that will get to know you, your organization and your team.

Available When We’re Needed

Direct access to our team from 9 AM to 5 PM CT means your team won’t have to wait for the answers they need to keep going.

Fast Response Times

Team members don’t have the luxury of waiting days for help. Our 4-hour SLAs mean quick responses that keep teams moving.

Communicate Your Way

Everyone is different, so we offer multiple options for working with the team. Open a ticket, send an email or give us a call.

Budget Flexibility

With plans starting at just 10 hours a month, you can get expert help even if you only have a small budget available.

Fixed Monthly Spend

There is no need to worry about unexpected costs. With our fixed billing, you know what to expect each and every month.

“IncWorx has provided the best vendor experience we’ve ever had! I look forward to working with them well into the future!”

– Katrin Weixel | Intranet Manager, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

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A Gartner-Recognized Alternative to Microsoft Unified Support Program

Our goal has always been simple. We wanted to provide a comprehensive support option that outshined Microsoft’s premier support.

This meant a consistent support experience that avoided the high costs and frustrating process many users were used to. With the help of our clients, we developed an alternative to single support issues that focus on a specific problem error message. We created Microsoft Professional Support Services, an offering that covers nearly all of Microsoft’s products in a single program.

Microsoft Professional Support improves your team’s ability to collaborate, communicate, automate and engage.

See why Gartner recognizes IncWorx as a Unified Support Alternative

We Go Beyond Response To Support Your Growth

Over the past 10 years, our support program has evolved into a powerful managed service. While single incidents may be submitted, we prefer to take a more holistic approach.

We focus on

  • Driving proper use
  • Adoption
  • Guidance
  • Advisory
  • Education

The difference? While most vendors work to solve problems. We work to prevent the problems from ever occurring.

We’ve been supporting teams across the country for more than 20 years. We’re here for you.

No matter where you are, our team can support you and your team. Let’s discuss how we can help.

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