Microsoft Managed Services

Microsoft Managed Services Designed to Support Your Team and Strengthen Your Outcomes

Support Your Team. Strengthen Your Business. Get Problems Solved Now.

What could you do if you had a dedicated Microsoft support team team? If you had your problems solved immediately? Imagine what could you do if you built better workflows and continually used your tools better?

You could do the work you’re passionate about. You could do work without worry.

The Microsoft experts at IncWorx are here to help you. We get it right the first time, right when you need it.

If you’re using Microsoft Unified or Premier Support, or are thinking about using that service… there’s an alternative. With IncWorx, there’s a better way to Microsoft. What do we offer?

  • Rapid support time
  • Dedicated teams
  • Senior-level experts
  • Short-and-long term support
  • Gartner-recognized Microsoft Unified Support Alternative

Only three companies are recognized by Gartner as a genuine alternative. We’re proud to be your better choice.

“IncWorx has been a complete pleasure. They not only helped with front-end transition to new platforms but have been a great partner to our internal ITS staff.”

-Heather Palmer

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Monthly and Annual Options Keep You Supported At The Level You Need

We want to make sure you have the right level of support, right when you need it. That’s why we’re happy to offer variable commitments. Because the business that matters the most is yours.

Annual Plan

Equal monthly installments for highly predictable spend throughout the year, discounted rates, and the added ability borrow hours from future months.

Month-To-Month Plan

No long-term commitments, unused hours rollover in perpetuity, and easily increase/decrease hours for future months.

Get Support Right Now. Get It Right The First Time.

Right Now: The Fastest Response Time

While we have a standard SLA of 0-4 hours, our average response time to support calls is 33 minutes. That’s like having someone working on-site. In fact, many of our customers describe the IncWorx experience as having an in-house expert.

Right The First Time: Dedicated Senior-Level Experts

Most vendors might let you talk to a senior-level architect before they rotate around a team of nameless junior consultants. Not IncWorx. You get a dedicated team of senior-level experts who know how to solve your problems, because they know your business.

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IncWorx experts are proud to support businesses like yours. We can’t wait to be part of the team.

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“I’m spending too much time troubleshooting my Microsoft tools!”

“My employees aren’t as productive as they can be.”

“My IT team is having to deal with minor issues instead of moving us forward.”

“We’re dealing with the same issues almost every day.”

“I’m having trouble focusing on the big picture.”

Why Do Companies Use Managed Microsoft Services?

Not every company is sure they want to or need to use managed services. It isn’t free. It’s a monthly or annual commitment. But the alternative is often broken processes, wasted time, and overall inefficiency.

If you find yourself saying things like this, you might want to consider managed services.

Managed Services: Big Picture and Small Details

We support you. We support your workers. We support you at whatever level you need.

Enterprise Support

We understand supporting a large enterprise is complex. Our Microsoft Enterprise Support is designed to give you direct access to the entire team of experts necessary to support it.

Professional Support

Microsoft professional support services for your entire team, allows you to maximize their efforts, complete projects and grow your business.

End User Support

Your IT team doesn’t have time to spend working with end users on their day-to-day questions. Our Microsoft End User support helps regular users get the answers they need without technical jargon.

Microsoft Consulting: An Alternative to Managed Services

If managed services don’t seem like what you need, check out our Microsoft Consulting solutions. We offer guidance through scoped projects, pay-as-you-go consulting, or staff augmentation. You get the same senior-level experts dedicated to your team.

Learn more about Microsoft Consulting

We’re Ready To Be Your IT Team’s Best Friend

Support when you need it and how you need it. Let’s talk about how we can make your organization run even better.

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