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SQL Server Consolidation Creates $350,000 in Savings

This power and utility industry customer is responsible for keeping the lights on for millions of consumers. The customer had a disparate and growing SQL Server footprint which, over the years, had amassed over 100 SQL Servers with 1,200 databases and storage of 8TB.

Technologies Supported

  • SQL Server

The Challenge

A Need for a Manageable, Sustainable and Cost-Effective SQL Server Infrastructure

The customer recognized the need for evaluation and consolidation of their SQL Server footprint, which consisted of a mix of physical and virtual servers. Their intention was to create a more manageable, sustainable, and cost-effective SQL Server infrastructure by consolidating disconnected SQL instances into centralized SQL Server deployments.

Upon completion, the customer would realize the following main benefits:

  • Significant reduction in the number of physical and virtual servers
  • Significant reduction in licensing and maintenance costs
  • Simplified and manageable SQL Server footprint
SQL Server consolidation

The Solution

Create a New Highly Available SQL Server Environment

IncWorx inventoried and documented all SQL server instances and deployments throughout the organization. We collected and analyzed all SQL server usage and performance metrics as well as completed the discovery and analysis of all database-dependent applications. We developed the plan and worked closely with the customer to achieve the desired results.

Some highlights of the solution include:

  • Identification and decommissioning of irrelevant/unused databases
  • Remediation of applications unable to be upgraded
  • Installation and configuration of development, integration, and production SQL Servers
  • Configuration of SQL Server Always-On availability groups for all 3 environments
  • Deployment of latest SQL Server cumulative updates and service packs
  • Implementation of security and configuration best practices
  • Documentation of SQL server configurations and standard build process
SQL Server consolidation team

The Outcome

$350K in Cost Savings and a 95% Reduction in SQL Server Installations

Upon completion of their new SQL Server footprint, the customer realized a massive 95% reduction in SQL Servers, an 80% reduction in the number of SQL Server databases, and a 70% reduction in storage. In addition, the customer saved an estimated $350K in licensing and maintenance costs.

The Conclusion

Realizing the Benefits of a Reduction in SQL Server Environment Footprint

Over time, it is natural for a company to deploy new instances of SQL Server for various reasons, often in the interest of time or to avoid disruption of existing systems and applications.

Fast forward several years and many companies find themselves in the exact same situation as our power and utility customer, with a SQL Server footprint that has become overly complex, inefficient and costly.

By recognizing the issue and engaging with IncWorx, our customer was able to consolidate and optimize their SQL Server environments and hence realize the benefits of a more centralized, efficient and cost-effective SQL Server implementation.

Let’s Build a Platform that Works for You

IncWorx’s Microsoft technology stack provides the infrastructure and software necessary to maintain and grow your business. Combining Azure, SQL Server databases and SQL Server Integration Services packages provided this customer with a secure and robust data processing platform that will ensure the growth of their business for years to come.

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