10 Actionable Steps for IT to Minimize the Impact of Coronavirus

Right now, many of you are shifting your focus to what you need to survive the Coronavirus crisis. The situation is almost apocalyptic in nature and certainly many of us were not ready for it.  From schools to businesses, it’s not a matter of if, but when we will all be sent home. You need to pivot quickly, and technology is the solution. You are running out of time, so you need to act quickly.


What This Is

This is an actionable guide that is designed to help you fast forward with your plans to deal with the Coronavirus emergency today.


What This Is Not

This is not a fluffy blog post about what IncWorx is doing regarding Coronavirus currently.


Actionable Steps for Right Now

Now is NOT the time to experiment with new technologies and tools, too much is on the line!  Here are some top suggestions to get you and your workforce working remotely today. The focus and emphasis are on today, not long-term, you don’t have time for the long-term right now.

  1. Most Important – Remote Desktop Software – install, configure and test ASAP!
    • If you don’t already have one you like, consider:
      • Chrome Remote Desktop – free with limited features, it can get you up and running quickly but does require a Google account
      • Zoho – easy to use and starts at $10 per user
      • RemotePC – a great web-based tool that is very cost-effective
    • Identify critical business functions and make sure those people have the software, hardware and access, they need to reach them from a remote location
    • Check ports and security to make sure these tools can get through
  2. Phones – we all have cell phones, so use those for now.
    • Don’t try to take your phone system remote unless it is already a softphone
    • Do people have each other’s phone numbers or ways to communicate today?
    • Consider having people install tools like Teams or Slack on their phones and test them now
  3. VPN – you may have one, but is it configured properly to handle the onslaught of new users?
  4. Collaboration – now more than ever, using a platform like Office 365 is critical if you have it
  5. Communication tools – are they installed and ready to use on employees’ mobile devices, phones, laptops, desktop and/or home systems?
  6. File sharing options:  SharePoint, Teams, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.
  7. Do paper-based processes (like check writing) supplies need to be sent off-site?  Can they be handwritten vs generated?
  8. Do people have the hardware they need at home today or do you need to supply it? Beyond laptops consider mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Speakerphones, we like Jabra, can often be delivered in a day or two through Amazon.
  9. Consider Teams or Slack – easy if you are already using them, but hard to introduce overnight
  10. Now is not the time to worry about the budget, you just need to go.


IncWorx is a Technology Partner

You don’t have weeks to do something. You need to do something now!

We are your team of technology experts ready to stand by your side and we aren’t going to let you go it alone.  With experience inside and outside of Microsoft, we are here as your partner to do just that.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we are here to help. Let’s chat now!

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