The IncWorx Pillars: How We Deliver For Our Customers

When working with clients, the IncWorx team focuses on 3 distinct pillars. Providing consulting and support in all areas ensures our clients get the most value out of their Microsoft investment. Are you considering all the areas?

Guide and Transform

Changes to the Microsoft ecosystem are occurring faster than ever and it’s hard to keep up with the technology. How can Yammer provide a social experience within SharePoint Online? How can Microsoft Flow Power Apps streamline and automate manual tasks? How can Power BI integrate with line of business applications to provide key insights that will help grow your business and reduce costs? These are all great questions.

Our experienced team of information, system and solution architects will help provide the guidance necessary to ensure that strategic decisions and operational changes made to your Office 365 platform will help transform your business through automation, process improvement, and other value-added efforts.


Deploy and Customize

A solid foundation is a key to any technology platform and Office 365 is no different. From the initial configuration of your domain to implementing a comprehensive set of information security and compliance rules, our team is prepared to deploy components of your tenant as if it were our own! While many of our competitors look to quickly deploy and move on to the next project, we focus on the details that matter. Our goal as a partner is to provide long-term support to you and your organization, which means we make sure it’s done right the first time.

Our team of analysts, administrators and developers will go to work your IT team, security team, and knowledge managers to architect, deploy and configure both out of the box and custom solutions that meet your team’s needs. Additionally, we will work with users across the organization to fully migrate disparate data into Office 365.


Educate and Support

A platform is only as strong as its users and we believe that education is among the most critical aspects of any Office 365 deployment. To support that, we’ve built a team focused on ensuring your users are getting the most value possible out of your investment. The team is well versed in the many components of Office 365 and can tackle questions such as; how can documents be uploaded to OneDrive? How can users communicate using Microsoft Teams? How can large data sets be easily digested and presented to a large audience with Power BI?

Our team of support technicians, analysts, and trainers will work with business and IT users alike to continuously educate and train them on the newest – or most basic – features of the Office 365 platform. Additionally, you can count on our Support Team to resolve issues across the platform from basic end-user inquiries to the most complex configuration changes

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