5 Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint Training You Need Today

If you run a business, chances are you spend your days trying to keep everything organized. You have to coordinate your team’s efforts and make sure everyone stays up to date. And this is not to mention keeping up with all your business’s regulations. Microsoft SharePoint can be a powerful tool for keeping your business running smoothly. You need to make sure your team knows how to use SharePoint to increase your company’s efficiency. Read on to discover some of the benefits Microsoft SharePoint training can bring to your company.


What is Microsoft SharePoint?

Before we dive into how the benefits of SharePoint training, let’s talk about what SharePoint is. Microsoft SharePoint is designed to help you manage content to empower your team. It allows you to quickly find information and seamlessly collaborate across your organization.

SharePoint is available with Office 365, now known as Microsoft 365, or can be installed on your own personal servers in your data center.

SharePoint allows you to set up dynamic team sites that allow your team to streamline their work. They can share common resources to harness your company’s collective knowledge. You can also use SharePoint with other Microsoft business programs like Flow, PowerApps or Microsoft Teams.


How Microsoft SharePoint Training Can Help Your Business

SharePoint can help your company run much more efficiently and get more bang for your buck. Too often, information from one area of your company may not make it to another department. Files may be stored across a variety of different free systems. The systems you’re using may be poorly equipped to handle your needs. SharePoint keeps all your information secure under one digital roof. You can store information in the cloud and easily share information with your team.


Keep Your Business Running Efficiently

Sometimes, running an organization may feel like trying to ride a unicycle and juggle plates at the same time. You’re trying to keep your system organized and productive. Often you’re doing this while managing a team of volunteers. You may have information coming in from a variety of sources. You may also have no effective system for coordinating team efforts. SharePoint training can help pull your team together into one streamlined productivity machine. The program makes it easy for your team to communicate to coordinate efforts and share information and ideas. You can all see what everyone else is working on and get a birds-eye view of everything your working on.


Keep Up with Regulations

There are a variety of regulations every business is required to follow. You may need to follow certain data security measures or keep documentation of business operations. Handling these regulations manually can pull your attention away from the real work you want to be doing.

With SharePoint training, regulation management is easy.

Your team can specify security settings and storage policies that will keep you in line with regulations. They can also set up automatic policies and actions for your business records. Audits will become a simple matter of pushing a button and calling up the needed records.


Connect Your Employees with the Latest Information

If you want your company to be effective, your employees need to have the latest data available to them. You need to know the latest data in your area of work and the other efforts being made in that arena. But getting that information out to your network can be difficult, especially with how fast information moves in our modern world. Training your employees to use SharePoint can help keep everyone updated with the latest information. As new information comes in, your employees can share it in the appropriate places. This effectively crowdsources your information distribution. Your team can also learn to run intelligent reports to figure out the best ways to tackle different issues.


Manage Sensitive Data

Simply put, you deal with sensitive data every day. You may have identifying information about the people you’re working to help, or you may have sensitive donor information. But managing data security on a daily basis can slow down your productivity, and you will still only be as secure as your weakest link. Training your employees in SharePoint can help make data management simpler. You can control who has access to certain levels of data, and SharePoint comes with built-in data security options. Now, even your weakest security links will have SharePoint watching their back. This ensures your private data stays just that – private.


Help Your Employees Make Better-Informed Decisions

The key to running any successful organization is empowering the individuals on your team. When people have the training and leeway to make decisions in the company, they’re more motivated. You benefit from their creative problem-solving. Giving your team the power to make better-informed decisions can increase your impact. When you teach your team how to use SharePoint, you give them access to intelligent, dynamic reports about the latest from your field. You give them tools to collaborate with others in your group to design creative solutions. And when your team can make better-informed decisions like these, your company’s effectiveness will go through the roof.


Discover the Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint Training

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful tool that can keep your business running efficiently.

Giving your team Microsoft SharePoint training can help you keep up with regulations, manage sensitive data, and empower your employees. Use SharePoint courses to start teaching your team to use this tool and discover the true impact you can make.

If you’d like help getting your team trained in SharePoint, get in touch with us at IncWorx. We provide consulting and support that makes your Microsoft technology easier to use. Request a call today and start working smarter, not harder.

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