Case Studies

COVID-19 Screening Solution Built With SharePoint and InfoPath

This healthcare industry customer specializes in operating and managing nursing care facilities. In early 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak posed a heightened threat to our customer’s resident population of older adults, many with underlying chronic medical conditions. They turned to their Microsoft technology stack to build solutions that would help protect their residents.

Technologies Supported

  • SharePoint
  • InfoPath

The Challenge

A Need for Effective Screening Tracking of All Visitors, Vendors and Staff

The customer recognized the need for effective screening of all visitors, vendors, and staff, as a measure to help prevent the coronavirus disease from entering and spreading throughout their facilities. Their goal was to implement an effective screening solution that would easily adapt to changes in requirements, reduce person-to-person contact, eliminate the potential for data entry errors, and centralize the data in electronic form.

Upon completion, the customer would realize the following main benefits:

  • Collection of critical COVID-19 related information from site personnel and visitors
  • Prevention of COVID-19 from entering and spreading throughout their facilities
  • Quick and easy report generation from data collected
Covid-19 Screening App

The Solution

Digitized Forms Using Existing Technology

IncWorx worked with the customer to gather and decipher the various rules, regulations, and recommendations provided by the government surrounding COVID-19 screening and the nursing care industry. We converted several PDF forms to tablet/kiosk-friendly versions for the purpose of limiting close interaction and handling/sharing of physical items. Our customer was able to leverage their existing investment in SharePoint 2016 and InfoPath for hosting the solution and storing/tracking the results.

Some highlights of the solution include:

  • Leveraged SharePoint for data storage
  • Converted paper forms to InfoPath forms
  • Tablet and Kiosk friendly versions
  • Easy to update design
Covid Tracking App

The Outcome

Effective Control, Limited Access and Reduced Exposure

Upon completion and implementation of their new COVID-19 screening solution and process, our customer was able to effectively control and limit access to their facilities and therefore reduce exposure to the virus and its overall impact to its residents and staff.

The Conclusion

Realizing the Benefits of an Effective, Minimum Interaction, Screening Solution

Technology, combined with strict adherence to policies and procedures, can literally save lives. By taking action and engaging with IncWorx, our customer was able to leverage technology to quickly implement an effective, low interaction COVID-19 screening solution that helped to protect its staff, residents, and visitors.

Let’s Build a Platform that Works for You

IncWorx’s Microsoft technology stack provides the infrastructure and software necessary to maintain and grow your business. Combining Azure, SQL Server databases and SQL Server Integration Services packages provided this customer with a secure and robust data processing platform that will ensure the growth of their business for years to come.

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