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Nonprofit Benefits From Modern Features, After SharePoint Migration

This nonprofit, consulting industry customer provides services to the civic sector with a focus on solutions that improve the quality of life for those in need. The customer had been utilizing SharePoint 2010 for internal documentation and as a reference point for information about their clients and corresponding projects.

Technologies Supported

  • SharePoint

The Challenge

A Need for a Sustainable SharePoint Environment

The customer recognized the need to upgrade to a modern, supported platform. Their intention was to create a more manageable and sustainable SharePoint environment that would also make a future migration to Office 365 and SharePoint Online more feasible.

Additionally, locating data on the SharePoint platform was heavily reliant on an integrated, third-party search application from Coveo, also outdated and nearing end-of-life.

Finally, the customer was to adopt an entirely new taxonomy to match that of their parent company. Upon completion, the customer would realize the following main benefits:

  • Supported platform with modern features
  • Office 365-ready SharePoint environment
  • Elimination of Coveo, a cost savings and simplification
  • Adoption of a consistent, organization-wide taxonomy
SharePoint migration for nonprofit

The Solution

Build a Modern, Fully Supported Environment

IncWorx performed a thorough analysis of the customer’s existing SharePoint environment, its content and customizations. We developed and executed the plan to migrate from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016, decommission Coveo, and fully implement a new taxonomy.

We also documented and thoroughly tested all steps required to replicate the migration to other environments.

Some highlights of the solution include:

  • Installation and configuration of the SharePoint 2016 farm
  • Decommissioning of Coveo and replacing it with out-of-the-box SharePoint search functionality
  • Identification and migration of custom application logic and functionality (JavaScript)
  • Leveraging of PowerShell for custom migration of metadata and other scripted tasks
  • Migration of custom Dynamics CRM integration with SharePoint
  • Upgrade of Intranet landing page and custom site branding
  • Documentation of the SharePoint 2016 farm, configuration, and step-by-step migration process
nonprofit working on SharePoint migration

The Outcome

Modern Functionality and Prepared for the Future 

Upon completion of their new SharePoint 2016 farm and successful migration, the customer was able to take advantage of new modern features and functionality on a fully supported platform. And, by following the documentation produced by IncWorx, the customer was able to recreate additional test environments with ease.

The Conclusion

Realizing the Benefits of Modern SharePoint

Companies must constantly weigh the benefits, costs, return on investment, and disruption associated with keeping up with ever-changing technology. SharePoint is no exception. After considering the pros and cons, our customer recognized the benefits of migrating to a modern and currently supported version of SharePoint and engaged IncWorx to help get them there. They now enjoy the modern features and advanced functionality of a SharePoint platform that is fully supported, and they are one giant step closer to their future goal of moving to Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

Let’s Build a Platform that Works for You

IncWorx’s Microsoft technology stack provides the infrastructure and software necessary to maintain and grow your business. Combining Azure, SQL Server databases and SQL Server Integration Services packages provided this customer with a secure and robust data processing platform that will ensure the growth of their business for years to come.

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