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Migration Playbook Key to Online Retailer’s SQL Server Upgrade

This global online retailer was past due for a large-scale SQL Server upgrade project. With numerous mission-critical website databases to upgrade, they lean on IncWorx to develop a Migration Playbook to get them moved.

Technologies Supported

  • SQL Server

The Challenge

A Need for a SQL Server Upgrade Plan that Would Pass Strict Internal Review

This global online retailer was past due for a large-scale SQL Server upgrade project. They were specifically interested in working with an organization that had a history with and knew how to upgrade SQL Server 2008 R2 to 2014.

Additionally, they were looking for guidance that included mapping out detailed system test plans to ensure all applications functioned properly. These applications included several websites, a Great Plains instance and multiple Excel/VBA-based reports.

Upgrading to SQL Server 2014 would also provide improved features and functionality important to their continued growth. The customer’s team provided some key requirements, which included:

  • A well-developed strategic plan that would pass an internal review
  • Architecture and build out of updated SQL Server staging and production environments
  • Development and execution of detailed system test plans
  • Project management efforts, given the complex technical nature of the project
SQL Server upgrade

The Solution

Create a New SQL Environment and Migration Playbook

IncWorx architected and designed two brand new SQL Server environments. The first would serve as a staging environment and the second served as a production environment complete with Failover Clustering capabilities.

Once the configuration was complete, our team went to work migrating and testing the data. Over the course of multiple test upgrades, a Migration Playbook was created. This playbook was a step-by-step checklist that would ensure the final cutover was thorough and accurate.

Some highlights of the solution include:

  • Setup and configuration of new Staging and Production environments
  • Setup of Failover Cluster Instance
  • Migration of users and jobs via scripts
  • Development of a Migration Playbook
  • Development of detailed test plans to test key functionality with each application/system that touches the database server
SQL Server upgrade for online retailer

The Outcome

Reduced Risk, Improved Redundancy and Updated Feature Availability

As a result of the SQL Server upgrade, this retailer eliminated one of its greatest IT risks. The new SQL environment – full of accurately migrated data – provided high availability and redundancy that did not previously exist. Additionally, the improved features of SQL Server 2014 meant they could continue to serve the needs of their internal and external customers.

The Conclusion

Realizing the Benefits of Upgraded SQL Server 

It is important to keep your SQL Server environment updated to the latest platform available. Keeping your environment current means stability, improved features and functionality and most importantly upgraded security. A new environment meant this online retailer could focus on their customers and not worry that their data technology could not keep up with the ever-changing demands and growth. With the right process and expertise, a SQL Server upgrade will not be scary it will be a smooth process that offers nothing but benefit.

Let’s Build a Platform that Works for You

IncWorx’s Microsoft technology stack provides the infrastructure and software necessary to maintain and grow your business. Combining Azure, SQL Server databases and SQL Server Integration Services packages provided this customer with a secure and robust data processing platform that will ensure the growth of their business for years to come.

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