Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft Solutions across Microsoft Technologies. Client-side, server-side, and cloud-hosted solutions. Including analysis, design, development, migration, and support.

Solutions Built With The Microsoft Stack, Client-Side and 3rd Party Tools

Here is a partial list of technologies we focus on for building the right solution: PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, SQL Server, Power BI, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Framework (SPFx), Planner, Forms, InfoPath, PowerShell, Stream, jQuery, and Nintex.

SPFx Web Parts and Extensions

Extend the functionality of modern SharePoint with custom-built web parts and extensions using Microsoft’s SharePoint Framework (SPFx).

IncWorx leverages the new framework for building client-side solutions including web parts for custom components, application customizers for adding scripts to pages and rendering HTML in available placeholders, field customizers for customizing the display of fields within a list view, and command sets for adding custom ECB menu items and buttons.

Workflows & Power Automate

Automate your business processes and integrate with other systems using SharePoint Designer Workflows, Visual Studio Workflows, Nintex Workflows, and Power Automate.

Which tool(s) you choose depends on your specific needs and target platform. IncWorx can assist at all levels, from analyzing your needs and gathering requirements to building the solution and post-deployment support.

Line of Business Applications

IncWorx will help deliver your entire LOB application from start to finish. We can handle everything from requirements gathering, analysis and planning, to architecture, design and development.

Our professional consultants have experience across a wide range of industry verticals including finance, legal, education, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.

Legacy Application Migrations

We help companies transform their existing legacy applications and platforms to modern technologies. We can help identify potential risks, perform analysis, estimate effort and cost, present best-in-class options for platforms and applications, and integrate with third-party systems. We can work as an extension of your internal team or provide turnkey solutions

PowerApps & InfoPath

Many organizations have made significant investments in InfoPath which won’t be going away any time soon. IncWorx has extensive experience with InfoPath and can help you create, maintain, and support your custom forms.

In addition, PowerApps is Microsoft’s newest entry into offering non-developers the ability to build quick business solutions with relative ease. Whatever your needs, IncWorx can assist with determining the right technology and building your custom solution.

Power BI & Reporting Services (SSRS)

IncWorx can help you visualize and analyze your data in ways that are specific to your business. Our SQL Server development and SSRS expertise can assist with things like ETL, system integration, auditing, and reporting. Power BI can be used for powerful dashboards, quick insights, and extensive data analytics capabilities.

Legacy .NET Application Support

Are you still maintaining legacy code written in older versions of .NET or even classic Active Server Pages? We understand there are many reasons an organization must continue to support legacy code, and we’re familiar with the challenges of doing so. At IncWorx, we provide maintenance and support for your legacy source code and/or upgrade it to modern platforms using modern technologies.

Azure App Services & Functions

Eliminate infrastructure-related worries and leverage Azure App Service to build and deploy Web, API, Functions, and Logic Apps for high-performance applications that scale in the cloud.

Add-ins, Web Parts & Event Receivers

IncWorx can help create and/or maintain custom solutions built using traditional means including provider or SharePoint-hosted apps/add-ins, web parts, event and feature receivers, farm and sandboxed solutions.


We’ve developed everything from single-use, utility scripts to frequently scheduled, mission-critical ones. IncWorx will deliver a PowerShell script that meets all of your business requirements.

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