SharePoint Expertise: 3 Ways to Leverage an Expert

With the right amount of SharePoint expertise, SharePoint can streamline and solve many business problems.

The stumbling block many people run is that working with the platform requires a reasonably specialized skill set.

A general ‘IT’ background doesn’t necessarily translate into being able to pick up and learn SharePoint and begin optimizing your entire company right out of the gate.

In fact, given the complexities of the platform and the various other Microsoft technologies it touches, it can take years to become a SharePoint expert.

If you have all of the time in the world to set aside and learn SharePoint, stop reading, but if you have many other things to do and are looking to accelerate your organization, here are 3 key ways to leverage a SharePoint Consultancy to take things to the next level.


1. Business Analysis and Road Mapping

As mentioned, SharePoint is a massively complex platform that does so many things that can add value. Think of it as a deluxe Swiss Army knife. Most people out there only use the knife (document storage), but don’t use many other tools because they’re not 100% certain of how/where to use them.

A good SharePoint consultant can come into your organization and meet with critical business units and have non-technical discussions to understand what they do, how they do it, and what they struggle with.

This is where the “I know SharePoint does this, but I don’t know how” comes into play. A consultant can bridge that gap for you, identify critical areas that you know are pain points, and roadmap a solution. 

Not only that, but they can also identify other areas that SharePoint is good at, that can empower your team even more and help you understand how to get there.


2. Regular Care and Feeding

Time is the most valuable thing to almost everyone.

No one has enough of it, especially members of your IT team!

There are countless things on your plate every day, and new things pop up.

Given the complexities of SharePoint, it is a machine that will take care of you if you take care of it.

Taking that daily vitamin is hard to follow through on and remember when you’re running around with your hair on fire every day.

Most people get anxious about wondering when their SharePoint farm will break if they don’t have the time to spend on regular care and feeding.

Unfortunately, this area is low visibility and oftentimes falls lower on the priority list than keeping business units happy.

Outsource this to an organization with SharePoint expertise, and stop worrying about it – focus on adding value to your business.

You will thank us later when you do!


3. System Consolidation

At this point, I’ve mentioned the complexity of SharePoint several times.

One way to take advantage of SharePoint’s extended set of features and functionalities and alleviate the stress associated with day-to-day IT life is to reduce the number of systems you’re running in your business.

More moving pieces equals more things that can break and more phone calls you get while you’re on vacation.

SharePoint does so many things, if you work with a knowledgeable SharePoint consultant on a consolidation strategy, you will likely identify various systems that can be replicated and replaced by SharePoint Server or SharePoint Online using out-of-the-box features and functionality.

This means if you work with someone good, and have a good handle on proper planning, maintenance, and support, you have a singular item to worry about.

Essentially, if you follow step 1, implement step 2, and then move to step 3 – your general quality of life as an IT pro will be ridiculously better!


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