6 Reasons You Should Move To Azure Web Hosting

These days, running a business is likely to come with some cloud hosting requirements. Maybe you’re hosting solutions or client sites or simply collaborating on projects together. Or maybe you need to host your own websites and run virtual machines and databases. No matter what your business needs are, Microsoft Azure Web Hosting can provide you with the functionality you need. Read on to learn more about this tool and what benefits it can bring to your business.


What is Azure Web Hosting?

Microsoft Azure is a powerful tool that allows businesses to manage their cloud computing and storage accounts with greater ease than ever before.

You can manage virtual machines, databases, and more across multiple subscriptions and locations. And their platform makes it simple to manage all your resources and create the templates you need to streamline your work.

Azure Web Hosting allows you to group and scale sites independently within a subscription. This allows you to build the sites you need without wasting money upgrading some sites beyond what you need.

Different pricing tiers – including a free tier – come with different performance characteristics, storage quotas, scale-out limits, and other features.



One of the biggest benefits of using Azure Web Hosting is the flexibility the service provides. In addition to being able to scale sites independently, you can also spin up new services on the fly. Not only that, but you can also geometrically scale your data storage capabilities as needed. With a static data center, you would need to purchase new hardware and a new operating system. You would need to provision and deploy these new systems before you could get your new services online. Azure Web Hosting allows you to create the solutions you need when you need them.



We already talked some about the money Azure Web Hosting can save you on unneeded site upgrades. But they can also save you a lot in the standard costs associated with running any sort of web hosting service. Normally, you need routers, load balancers, and other physical services that can cost you as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars. You also have to pay for the IT expertise to keep these systems running. But Microsoft has a massive infrastructure and expertise already in place. For a fraction of what you would have spent setting up your own system, you can get shared hosting through Azure with all the benefits you would have paid for yourself and more.



When you’re managing web hosting, you need to be able to create new apps quickly. There will be critical problems that need to be solved and sometimes that solution will require designing a new web application yourself.

With traditional web hosting, application development can get hung up in development or testing.

Microsoft has a globally distributed network that makes it a cinch to create the Azure web apps you need in a hurry. They have a la carte service offerings like Visual Studio Team Services and Visual Studio Application Insights to help you out.

And Microsoft offers significant licensing discounts for migrating existing apps to Azure, saving you even more money.


Disaster Recovery

One of the things no one likes to think about is the possibility of a disaster striking. But strike they do, and something like a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake could wipe out the servers in one particular area. If all your data is stored on those servers, you could find yourself up a creek without a paddle in a hurry when disaster strikes. Microsoft Azure Web Hosting provides you with a high-speed and geographically decentralized infrastructure. This means data is shared across multiple servers in multiple locations, protecting your information. Recovery periods in the case of a disaster will drop from days or weeks to minutes or hours, keeping your customers happy and your revenues high.



“But wait,” we hear you saying, “isn’t having my data spread out all over the world a security risk?” With another hosting company, it might be, but with Azure, you have nothing to worry about.

When you’re working with Azure, you can be confident your data is in safe hands.

Microsoft Azure has security at its core and was the first to embrace the new international standards for cloud privacy. The platform had the best compliance coverage of more than fifty offerings in one ranking.

If you need additional proof of their security, most U.S. government institutions choose Microsoft Azure for their cloud computing needs.



One of the best things about Microsoft Azure Web Hosting is its scalability. The U.S. government uses it, but it’s also accessible to small businesses working with one or two employees. And best of all, you won’t need any more coding to run Azure on a scale of 10 million users than you would on a scale of ten users. It’s as simple to change settings and add more processors for your application to use as you scale up. Your applications won’t be affected and will run on a new, bigger scale. Your web hosting can grow right along your company’s side, making it easier for you to take full advantage of its benefits every step of the way.


Discover the Benefits of Azure Web Hosting

Azure web hosting offers a variety of benefits to business owners. From its flexibility and low cost to disaster recovery protection and a high level of scalability, this tool is built to work for everyone. So whether you’re hosting one website or dozens, discover the benefits of Azure for yourself today. If you’d like to get started with Azure Web Hosting, check out the rest of our site at IncWorx. We provide personalized Microsoft consulting and support to help your team increase productivity, expand expertise, and transform processes. Contact us and start improving your team’s ability to collaborate, communicate, automate, and engage today.

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