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things you can do with PowerApps
Are you wanting to build custom applications? Do you want a product that doesn’t need extensive experience with software coding? There is a product waiting for you. It’s called Microsoft PowerApps. If you aren’t familiar with the things you can do with PowerApps you’ll be amazed. Continue reading to learn about 5 powerful things you can do with this program.

Why Should You Consider Buying Microsoft PowerApps?

Microsoft PowerApps offers a platform solution to help you build custom applications. You do not need extensive experience with software coding to create what you need. This tool helps businesses of all sizes, including small companies. This platform often comes bundled with Microsoft Office 365. It has over 230 built-in connectors and also helps you create your own connectors. PowerApps meets most business needs with flexible program coding. Even after earning PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice in 2017, Microsoft keeps making improvements. At a cost of about $7 per month, this solution can enhance your business in many ways.

Things You Can Do With PowerApps

So what can PowerApps do for you? Find out below.

1. Generate High-Level Data Integrations

Your employees can connect to more than 200 different sources. These include cloud services and social media apps such as Twitter. This program uses templates to access data from many different applications. Examples include Dropbox, Dynamics 365, Excel, OneDrive, Outlook, PowerPoint, Sharepoint, and more. The interface uses a drag and drop method that’s easy to understand. Many common tasks, such as selecting Twitter data and moving it to SharePoint, are available in the standard connector library. All you have do is click on Twitter and read the friendly screen. Select “Save specific tweets to a Sharepoint list and get notifications.” Next, complete the requested information. In less than one hour, you will have the app you want.

2. Increased Staff Productivity

Technology changes fast. If you wait a month, you may have missed your window of opportunity. Having the power to build meaningful and functional apps quickly increases your return on investment. With PowerApps’ common tasks, features, and user interface elements, you can make prototypes in the interface. One example might be a self-service app to onboard employees. HR and the department manager can sit with the person creating the app. As the development proceeds, team members can give suggestions and make corrections. The development and “customer” review become one event. The user-friendly interface allows everyone to understand the progression. Once everyone approves, connect the data and action. Just like that, your app is ready to go. Many routine tasks can be accomplished quicker. This increases employee satisfaction and productivity.

3. Create Mobile-Friendly Apps

Many people turn to their phones or other mobile devices to handle work matters on the go. Allowing user access on mobile devices as well as desktop devices keeps your business moving. This means that the interface must adapt to the smaller screen. PowerApps lets you create applications for phones in the same interface. The easy-to-use interface and common connectors allow access from phones or desktops.

4. Enhance Security and Compliance

All apps built using PowerApps meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. This program ensures compliance with information technology and business standards. Every app you create links to Microsoft’s active directory domain service (ADDS). This authenticates, authorizes, and enforces security compliance rules. These measures apply to all users and devices. The program makes a list of all apps, data policies, permissions, and user control options. As consumer privacy acts become more common, this provides a big safety net for your business

5. Create Smooth, Automated Functions and Processes

Businesses are now able to create using an automated process that doesn’t need manual input. PowerApps is already integrated with Microsoft Flow. This means that PowerApps responds to data changes. You don’t have to make your own checks or alerts to update the app. Different PowerApps subscriptions conduct certain automated “flows” each month. You can change that number as needed. You can also automate staff and client communications. For example, if you need to share information, news, or updates, do it in PowerApps. This allows you to push notifications to phones or social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

Benefits of Using PowerApps

Now that you understand some of the uses for PowerApps, let’s summarize the benefits for your company. If you aren’t using PowerApps but you have Microsoft 365, check and see if it’s already in place. You may not have to spend any additional money.

PowerApps provides a uniform, user-friendly experience. Much of the interface uses a drag and drop format and guides you through the process. Your newly built apps will work on desktop browsers as well as mobile devices.

The apps can be developed in companies that don’t have an information technology person on staff. This application offers a basic “no-code” building environment. Yet it doesn’t skimp on the features.

It provides an intuitive experience with its library of common connectors. Microsoft has probably already set up the processes you want to put together.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Use the files you’ve already developed in Excel or accounts such as Twitter. For many business owners, all you need to do is start using PowerApps.

Do You Want to Find Out What Other Things You Can Do With PowerApps?

Have you built business apps before? If not, you may feel intimidated. Yet, now you have read about all the things you can do with PowerApps.

IncWorx has been here since 2001 helping businesses maximize their Microsoft products. As an award-winning firm, we bring our business technology expertise to each client.

But we aren’t your traditional Microsoft consulting firm. Our goal is to become an extension of your internal team.

You won’t have a “helpdesk technician” experience with us. You will receive customized service for your unique business. Schedule a free consultation today.

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