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Office 365 consulting services that keep you focused on using Office 365 to get your work done. Stop wasting your time trying to get things to work the way you want them to.

Providing consulting services on Microsoft technologies for the past 20 years, IncWorx offers a wealth of proven, time-tested professional services for your business. The expertise of our full time, professional consultants spans the entire Office 365 stack of technologies including SharePoint, Teams, Flow, PowerApps, Planner, Stream, Sway, Yammer, Active Directory and more. We can help design and implement a full line of business applications, administer and manage the platform and its applications, migrate legacy systems to Office 365, troubleshoot and resolve issues, and integrate with third-party systems. And, we support all levels of the organization, from end users to highly skilled IT professionals. In short, IncWorx offers you the best, and most comprehensive, Office 365 consulting services.

Microsoft Consulting Services for Office 365

IncWorx offers a full range of consulting services for Office 365 and its suite of tools and features. We offer several consulting engagement options to choose from and, depending on your needs, we can deliver a turnkey solution or work as an extension to your existing team. Learn more about our Microsoft Consulting Services.

Microsoft Advisory Services for Office 365

IncWorx offers short and long-term roadmap planning services for Office 365 and related Microsoft technologies. Our CIO-style advisory services are designed to help guide you to Digital Transformation success through envisioning and strategy, translating business needs and opportunities to best-in-class technology solutions. Learn more about our Microsoft Advisory Services.

Building Custom Solutions for Office 365

IncWorx has experience building business solutions for Office 365 using out-of-the-box techniques as well as advanced custom development. We can help design and produce solutions end-to-end as well as help migrate your legacy applications to Office 365 away from on-premises SharePoint, .NET, ASP, Lotus Notes, and other third-party platforms. Learn more about our Custom Solutions.

Short-Term, Pay-As-You-Go Support for Office 365

Work directly with a professional Office 365 consultant. With online purchase options ranging from two hours to two days, this is a great way to troubleshoot a number of outstanding issues you’re experiencing in Office 365 all at once, receive direction and recommendations on using the Office 365 tools, or quickly ramp up your skills. Get Pay-As-You-Go Consulting.

Office 365 Solutions

Office 365 provides the ultimate cloud-based platform for delivering solutions that optimize business processes and enhance employee productivity. IncWorx can help you implement solutions for collaboration and information sharing, document management, business process automation, and more. The following are examples of solutions we deliver using Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, and the rest of the Office 365 suite of technologies:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Document Management
  • Records Management
  • Contract Management
  • Intranet Portals
  • HR Management
  • Project Management
  • Enterprise Workflows
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence

Office 365 Development

Office 365 offers a variety of options when it comes to developing solutions, from simple quick wins to highly complex line-of-business applications. Choosing the right development tools requires a deep understanding of the technologies available, and the skills to build the solution. IncWorx can help you choose the right tools and execute on your vision. The following represent just some areas of our development expertise for Office 365 and related technologies:

  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • Provider and SharePoint-Hosted
  • Add-ins
  • Web Services
  • Azure App Services, Logic Apps, and Functions
  • Nintex Forms and Workflows
  • PowerApps
  • Microsoft Flow
  • PowerShell Scripting

Office 365 Administration

Our Consulting Services for Office 365 Administration span all areas of configuring and administering Office 365 and its related tools and technologies, including things like:

  • Estimates and Planning
  • Configuration
  • Monitoring
  • User Administration
  • Managing Security and Permissions
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Custom Reporting
  • PowerShell Scripting

Office 365 Branding

IncWorx helps organizations customize the UI/UX following Microsoft’s best practices for Office 365. Following are some areas of our branding expertise for Office 365:

  • Modern and Classic Themes
  • Custom Site Designs
  • Display Templates
  • SPFx Application Customizers
  • Custom Images
  • Logos, Team Icons, Hub Site Icons
  • Azure AD Sign-in Page
  • Third Party Tools

Office 365 Design

IncWorx assists companies with all aspects of Office 365. Following are some key areas of focus that go into a solid foundation of a company’s use of Office 365:

  • Office 365 Governance Planning and Documentation
  • Information Architecture
  • Office 365 Groups and Team Sites
  • Defining Security and Permissions
  • SharePoint Site Structure, Hub Sites
  • SharePoint Content Types, Site Columns and Managed Metadata
  • Business Process Automation using Flow and PowerApps
  • Business Intelligence

Office 365 Education and Training

Education and training is an integral part of our commitment to client success. To our team of professional Office 365 consultants, it comes naturally as they transfer and share knowledge to employees throughout the consulting process. In addition, we design and produce custom, formal training for clients in the form of train-the-trainer and/or end user, live and/or recorded sessions, and documentation such as manuals and quick reference guides.

Industry Experience

Our Office 365 Consulting experience spans numerous industries over several years. This cross-industry experience gives our consultants more exposure and broader perspective which allows them to bring new ideas to an industry solution that would have perhaps not been considered otherwise. A few specific industries which we currently serve include: Financial, Banking, Legal, Utility, Retail, Fast Food, Healthcare, Entertainment, and Manufacturing.

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