Get More From a Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace

Technological advancement is happening at incredible speeds, with modern workplace operations changing alongside it. Employees must adapt and implement Microsoft 365 modern workplace into their digital tools to maximize productivity and meet the company’s bottom line.

Companies have to meet the ever-evolving employee and customer demands who are growing accustomed to the convenience smart devices provide. It is not wild to suggest that most businesses no longer need offices to operate and meet their bottom line.

Utilizing cloud software allows businesses to work remotely while eliminating expensive commuting fees and rental costs for office spaces. However, it is about more than just easing employees’ lifestyles. Utilizing cloud software in the modern workplace enables companies to boost productivity, save costs, and enhance security.

Integrating Microsoft 365 in the modern workplace helps businesses keep up with the speed and ease with which technological advancement is changing.


What is Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace?

Microsoft 365 is the latest office 365 cloud solution that allows end-users to work from remote locations seamlessly. The latest Microsoft modern workplace suite protects user information and sensitive data while maintaining the flexibility modern employees crave for maximum productivity.

Microsoft 365 has all the benefits of a remote working setup, including layers of security lacking in other working setups. It allows remote work end-users to access files from multiple devices while allowing administrators to manage access to secure data.

End-users can use their own devices. These devices may fall into Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) strategies with the latest Office 365 tools.

A rise in cybersecurity attacks on remote workers has renewed the focus for businesses to bolster cybersecurity support for their virtual teams.

Integrating Microsoft 365 in the modern workplace puts businesses one step ahead of cyberattacks. Microsoft provides modern tools and security technologies for the best remote working experience.


Is Microsoft 365 the Foundation for Modern Collaboration?

The average employee is becoming increasingly remote, collaborating with more colleagues on similar projects and working on different schedules simultaneously. You also find teamwork extends beyond organizational boundaries.

Finding the proper operational, productivity, and efficiency tools are necessary for modern workers to be more in-tune with the current work environment. Organizations must find the right tools to collaborate with employees outside the physical workplace securely.

Cloud technologies foster critical steps for modern employees to become more efficient and productive. However, cloud-based software present increased security risks that can expose your business to cyberattacks, ransomware, and other security breaches.

Microsoft 365 for the modern workplace provides businesses with Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) license. It expands remote workforce policy while providing enhanced protection from trojans, worms, and other forms of malware.

Modernizing your workforce with Office 365 equips your business with the necessary cloud-based tools beyond standard remote working policies. Microsoft 365 improves workplace collaboration, communication, and productivity.

SharePoint and OneDrive connect remote workers from a centralized storage center and accelerate discovery, research, and updates for collaborative projects.


Why Use Microsoft 365 for Your Modern Workplace?

Embracing Microsoft 365 in the modern workplace can help businesses overcome unique everyday challenges while future-proofing the workplace. By utilizing the best cloud-based office productivity tools in Microsoft 365, businesses guarantee their productivity, sustainability, collaboration, and security.

This segment provides a comprehensive overview of why businesses should utilize Microsoft 365 in the modern workplace:


1. Improved Security and Privacy

Microsoft security consulting lets businesses secure and retain full control of sensitive data everywhere without compromising the teams’ productivity or work efficiency. EMS protects your organization’s sensitive data everywhere from compromising critical business operations.

Microsoft 365 safeguards BYOD devices using an integrated endpoint management system called Microsoft Intune. Intune allows administrators to control employee access to sensitive corporate resources. Microsoft Intune offers streamlined access deployment and policy management features for maximum security.

Businesses can create comprehensive conditional access policies that restrict access to sensitive data based on the user, device, location, and real-time risk. Microsoft 365 allows administrators to wipe access remotely from any device. This is useful in preventing employee leaving from taking important, confidential data with them when they leave.

OneDrive protects company files and sensitive folders from malicious attacks or accidental deletes. Up-to-date Microsoft devices and systems are resilient against cyberattacks. This is possible using comprehensive, multi-layered defenses capable of disrupting threats like ransomware or malware attacks.


2. Enhanced Collaboration

When teams come together and collaborate on projects, the magic happens. The collaboration of internal and external teams can prove challenging, especially with remote staff or multi-site offices. Microsoft 365 modern workplace solutions enable workers to collaborate on documents regardless of location or time.

Besides helping boost productivity, Microsoft 365 applications can raise employee morale and enable staff within different teams to work together. The more flexible remote work is for workers to collaborate, the more seamless collaboration will occur, enabling teams to perform more efficiently.


3. Maximized Productivity

Utilizing Microsoft 365 in the modern workplace allows businesses and remote employees to work with a consistent experience across multiple devices from anywhere. OneDrive also allows end-users to access Office 365 productivity applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and SharePoint, on a familiar interface.

The Microsoft modern workplace solution helps make remote workers more efficient and productive, even from their approved laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Employees can stay productive even when on the move.


4. No Advanced IT Knowledge is Required

Microsoft 365 end-users don’t need to be IT experts to reap the value of this cloud-based solution. You can set up and manage Microsoft 365 without IT knowledge or staff.

However, it always helps to have a knowledgeable IT expert to oversee the technical jargon and advanced features. Doing so allows you can focus on your employee productivity and deliverability.

Microsoft 365 also offers an intuitive, web-based portal to allow only designated end-users to perform administrative tasks. The online portal provides step-by-step instructions on adding users to the Office 365 suite and setting up their accounts.


5. Cost-Effectiveness

Businesses don’t need specialized equipment or complex server setup to use Microsoft 365. This cloud-based service uses the pay-as-you-go pricing option. This gives end-users the flexibility and predictability they need, even on a budget.


Use These Microsoft 365 Tools to Build a Modern Workplace

This segment provides a more comprehensive overview of businesses’ key Microsoft 365 tools. The tools encourage employee productivity, cultivate team collaboration, improve engagement, and build a modern workplace.



Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workplace collaboration platform that brings together people, content, and tools. Teams helps put your entire team on the same page on any project.

Internal and external workers should be able to chat and communicate whenever needed and share files securely from anywhere and from any device. This is where Teams comes to the fore.

Conversations in Teams appear in a threaded format, allowing users to go back and review previous messages whenever they want quickly.



The ever-increasing volume of ideas and information in the business industry makes it much easier to forget critical ideas. These ideas could transform the organizational bottom line and meet personal employee goals. Here’s where Microsoft OneNote comes into its own.

Think of OneNote as a scrapbook or personal journal you use to capture, organize, and share notes from multiple devices. This Microsoft 365 tool allows end-users to write notes, record documents and sketch out business designs and projects. It is the perfect tool to keep your critical ideas and goals in one place.



Microsoft OneDrive allows users to share images, documents, and other files with anyone. But perhaps the best OneDrive feature is that users can co-author their shared files making it an efficient collaboration enabler.

Users can also save files safely as the platform synchronizes documents to authorized devices for easier access. Uploading a file to OneDrive is straightforward. However, this cloud-based service allows users to share files at various access levels, such as read-only and full edit access.

What makes OneDrive the best cloud-based tool for file storage and sharing is its heightened layers of security. The layers are designed to protect your files from being compromised.



It can be incredibly frustrating to email a file to several team members asking each to share their thoughts on the file sent. You can only imagine the number of documents you’ll get back and have to collate to ensure only one file exists. Come Microsoft SharePoint.

SharePoint allows teams to work on a single file/document in real-time. helping them work quicker and more accurately without the headache of checking multiple files.

SharePoint allows you to share content, knowledge, and applications to empower your team, allowing them to work more collaboratively.


Ready to Transform Your Modern Workplace? Think Microsoft 365

Flexible, productive, and highly scalable, Microsoft 365 is critical to businesses looking to transform their workplace digitally. With innovative cloud-based tools and systems, your business can benefit from improved productivity, collaboration and enhanced security.

This post covers critical reasons to investigate Microsoft 365 as the best solution to steer your modern workplace into the future. And while not all of its solutions will fit every business, its flexibility should help improve almost any workplace environment.

IncWorx is an experienced Microsoft 365 consulting firm that guides businesses on implementing a modern workplace. Check out our blog or set up a call to talk with an expert today.

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