Case Studies

Massive 30% Improvement in Application Performance After SQL Server Performance Tuning Project

One of our healthcare customers needed an improved development management process. We implemented Power Platform Application Lifecycle Management features for their physician intake form.

Technologies Supported

  • Power Platform
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate

The Challenge

A Need to Eliminate Risks Associated with Manual Management of Apps

Our customer, a national leader in value-based primary care, was running a physician intake application built with PowerApps. The application contained over 30 screens and had become complex enough to require a development and production environment for developing and testing new functionality.

The primary challenge was the fact that we were developing enhancements in their development environment and then manually implementing the same functionality in the production environment when they were ready to go live. Each deployment resulted in several hours of unnecessary work and the potential of introducing bugs into production due to human error.

Additionally, several areas needed to be optimized, which required some code refactoring and data call fixes.

We identified 3 key areas we wanted to focus on:

  • Poor data call efficiency
  • Development management
  • Reducing deployment time
Power Platform ALM deployment

The Solution

Implement Power Platform Application Lifecycle Management

Fortunately, Microsoft has developed a set of Power Platform Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) functionality. With these in mind, we went to work mapping out an implementation plan that would address our 3 areas of focus.

We started our implementation of an Application Lifecycle Management scenario by configuring and standardizing development, staging and production Power Platform environments utilizing out of the box Power Platform tools. Having 3 environments will allow for proper development, testing and deployment.

Next, we refactored the code and updated data calls in edit and view screens to one use a single data call vs. several calls for each control on the page. To achieve this, we created a solution in the environment with environmental variables used for data connections to the SharePoint backend.

This approach allowed us to migrate the PowerApps and Power Automate flow from development to staging to production using the Power Platform solution import and export functions.

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Physician Intake Form

The Outcome

Automated Deployment Saves Time and Removes The Opportunity for Errors

In the end, we used 100% out-of-the-box Power Platform Application Lifecycle Management features to build a seamless process for moving between environments.

With the new solution and environmental variables, data calls are faster. The improvement in speed makes the application more user-friendly for users and employees who are completing the physician intake process.

Deployment from development to production now takes minutes instead of hours and the opportunity for human errors has been eliminated saving additional troubleshooting time over the course of a year.

The Conclusion

Increased Power Platform Governance As Use Grows

When the use of a new technology first starts, it is easy to take shortcuts and implement things the “easy way”. Taking a step back t implement the right features will not only resolve issues in short term but provide a path for future growth.

Working with a team of Power Platform consultants experienced in Power Platform ALM provides years of knowledge and experience without first-time learning.

This experience provided our customer with an optimized Power Platform environment that meets their current needs and provides growth opportunities for the future.

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