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Project Intake Form Built With Power Platform Improves Accuracy & Delivery

One of the nation’s fastest-growing quick-service restaurant chains was in need of a digital new project request solution that would not only improve the project intake process but cut delivery times and improve communication across teams within the organization.

Technologies Supported

  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate

The Challenge

A Need for an Automated System to Manage The Growing Number of Project Requests

During a period of continued rapid growth, this customer recognized the need for an automated system to manage the growing list of project requests coming from team members across the organization.

The goal was to implement a centralized project intake and approval solution that would improve the delivery times of projects. Additionally, system status updates and automated notifications would replace email communications that were at times ineffective and prone to being lost.

The customer set the following goals for the new Project Intake Application:

  • A single electronic interface that would replace a variety of paper forms
  • Quicker project approval and processing times
  • Improved project tracking accuracy
  • Ability to quickly report on project status
Power Apps project management app

The Solution

Collaborate to Create Multi-Step Project Management System

Based on initial requirements and the recent organization-wide implementation of Office 365, it became clear that a Project Intake App built utilizing Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow) was appropriate. To gather critical team feedback, IncWorx built an initial proof of concept.

From there, the solution was designed in collaboration with the project management team. The final PowerApps solution consisted of screens for project requests, project edit and project approval. Several multistep Microsoft Power Automate flows were also built to improve communication, expedite the approval process and send alerts at key points in the process.

Some highlights of the solution include:

  • Multi-Step Project Management System
  • Role-Based Form Features and Security
  • Power Automate Alerts at Key Points
  • Collaborative Design Process
using Power Apps project management app

The Outcome

Improved Communication, Expedited Project Approval and Key Alerts

Upon completion, our customer benefited immediately from the new Project Intake App. For project requestors, it eliminated the time-consuming manual process and ensured the request was received. For project managers, it meant they could more quickly process and manage a larger number of projects effectively and efficiently.

The Conclusion

Realizing the Benefits of an Online Automated Project Tracking System

Utilizing available Microsoft technology, our customer was able to reduce the time required to enter a project, add consistency to communication and tracking and triple the number of projects being tracked. Additionally, email traffic is down and the success of the solution has also led to a long-term partnership and continued development of additional PowerApps based solutions.

Let’s Build a Platform that Works for You

IncWorx’s Microsoft technology stack provides the infrastructure and software necessary to maintain and grow your business. Combining Azure, SQL Server databases and SQL Server Integration Services packages provided this customer with a secure and robust data processing platform that will ensure the growth of their business for years to come.

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