Power Virtual Agents for Office 365

Visit any website these days, and you are more likely than not to be greeted by something known as a chatbot. Power Virtual Agents for Office 365 is Microsoft’s tool for building chatbots.

This artificial intelligence (AI) tool, part of the Power Platform, is used to help customers receive the information they need from the website even when representatives may not be available to assist them.


The Value of Using Power Virtual Agents for Office 365

You may question the wisdom of using intelligent chatbots to interact with your customers, employees or partners. You may think this is a highly impersonal way to do things and that most customers will shun a company that pulls this tactic.

However, your assumption may be off. The truth is that most people appreciate the ability to get assistance instantly when they need help. Rather than wait until regular business hours when human staff is on duty, a chatbot may immediately provide the answer they need.

Additionally, a Power Virtual Agents chatbot can often provide faster answers to specific issues than a human may be capable of delivering them. The processing power of an AI bot helps avoid the manual research steps that have to be taken by humans.

There are other upsides to using Virtual Agents for Office 365 as well, including:

Engage Across Multiple Languages

The expense of trying to hire all the employees you need to speak in various languages to your customers and employees would be sky high.

Instead, why not use chatbots that can use conversational AI to communicate with people in their native tongue without all that struggle? This is why many people are turning to using chatbots to help share with people across a spectrum of languages.


Communicate on Apps, Facebook, and More

Many people connect with you outside of your company website. They will reach out on Facebook, apps, or via other means that are useful to them. This is why you should provide chatbots that can help people no matter which medium of communication they favor.


Provide Useful Information That Doesn’t Change

One final thing to keep in mind is that chatbots can be used to provide helpful information that does not change daily.

In other words, the standardized information that remains true about a company no matter what is something that a chatbot can do just as well as a human employee (if not better). Why not offload some of the burdens of answering routine questions onto a robot that is prepared to handle it no matter the time of day or night?

You can probably already tell some significant upsides to using virtual assistants and chatbots to help get more work done. It simply makes sense to incorporate some of these bots into the infrastructure of your business to get outstanding results.


AI-Powered Bots Created by Non-Technical People

The most intimidating thing for people who are not technically inclined is the thought of trying to create AI-powered bots on their own. They are likely to feel the pressure of trying to get this kind of work done, and some will simply shut down entirely.

They don’t want to think about the heap of work it might take them to get the virtual assistant that they genuinely need to make their work shine. Thus, they may not begin the process at all out of fear of getting something wrong.

The thing about Power Virtual Agents is that it is specifically created with this kind of non-technical people in mind. They are business owners and leaders, but they don’t necessarily know much about coding or even computers in general.

Thus, they may be put off by trying to create virtual assistants who can help them. It becomes extremely useful to help a company like Microsoft lead the way. They know what people need from their creations and are happy to supply that quality to them every time.


Power Virtual Agent vs Azure Bot Service

We get a common question: Microsoft Power Virtual Agent or Azure Bot Service? There are many similarities as well as several differences. They were created for different use cases, meet peculiar buyer needs, and build bots in distinct ways.


Power Virtual Agents Provide Ongoing ROI

The reality is that a Power Virtual Agent will continue to add value to the websites on which they are used daily. It often starts as a minor improvement via the bots, but it can grow into something more significant moving forward.

Incremental changes increase over time, and customers will likely get used to the virtual chatbots you ultimately put on your website. Before long, you can find yourself leaning more and more on the bots and getting significant results from them.

Don’t allow the fear of what it may take to create an AI-powered bot to keep you from doing what you know needs to be done. Your mentality should be such that you know that you can get great results from your bots, and you are not afraid to use them in any way that will help your business grow. A Microsoft Power Virtual Agent makes it much easier, and you can start today.

Please contact us for more information about getting the results you need from Power Virtual Agents for Office 365 and AI-powered intelligent chatbots. We are here to help you, and we want to make sure you have confidence in our abilities to help you get the help that you require to get started with virtual assistants.


Transform Your Business with the Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft’s no-code/low-code suite of tools is designed to build cost-effective end-to-end business solutions faster.

Comprehensive consulting and managed IT services for Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents.


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Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Improve your customer service and your employee satisfaction with self-service chat.

Custom chatbots immediately respond to repetitive questions and requests, freeing your team to focus on value-added tasks.

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