Here’s What Microsoft Automation Can Do for You

Running and scaling a business in today’s world is determined by how well you can structure your time. When it comes to saving time, using the right automation tools is essential.

With Microsoft Automation, you can automate your day and create custom workflows. But how does that help your team? Keep reading to find out.


Easy Data Tracking and Collection

Your company relies on data to track risks and opportunities and improve decision-making. Data is important. Most companies are adopting cloud technologies to store it in mass.

The big question is, how do you maximize data collection and use the data to boost your efficiency? Maximizing data is where Microsoft automation comes in. Microsoft Power Automate allows your business to analyze data sources, collect data and share them with your team.

Microsoft Power Automate free comprises low-code, user-friendly tools to allow for automation. Using Microsoft 365, you can integrate it with Microsoft power platforms for more efficiency.

Microsoft Power Automate is the primary automation component in the Power Platform. It helps you create automated workflows between your apps and services. For instance, you can create a flow that watches a keyword on Twitter. Then, you could build a Power BI report to track the findings and share it with your team.


Easier Collaborations

Microsoft Teams is still a powerhouse of team collaboration. It has everything you need for chats, document sharing and group projects. Its integration with the Microsoft Power Platform takes collaboration efficiency to another level.

You can now embed reports, automated workflows, chatbots, and Power Apps on your team workplace. Microsoft Teams allows interactions in the same space and cuts switching between platforms.

Microsoft Power Automate allows members to work efficiently on the same projects. With business process flows, you can increase consistency, reduce errors and easily assign project roles.

For example, you can create a follow that prompts people to seek your approval for critical financial transactions.

You can build low-code apps for virtual collaborations without relying on standard enterprise software development. Low-code apps cut the need for investing in custom solutions. They also eliminate outsourcing if you don’t have an in-house IT team.

Integrating Microsoft Power Platform on Teams also helps keep your team in the loop of performance and improve decision making. With Power BI, everyone accesses dashboards and reports from the team interface. And the best part is if you set up mobile notifications, you’ll always access real-time information.


Improved Productivity

Microsoft automation also helps boost individual productivity across your company. By accessing real-time reports and notifications, individuals respond with timely measures.

You save a lot of time by creating automated workflows that perform manual tasks. Once users bounce off your website, you can get an email or mobile notifications. In this case, you don’t have to log into your Google Analytics whenever a user takes any action.

Microsoft Power Automate can speed up the action and automate repetitive tasks. You can send auto meeting reminders or share your tweets on Facebook by tapping a button.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs sometimes have to manage tasks. If you’re using Microsoft automation, delegation is simple. You can delegate critical tasks and essential transactional approvals from your mobile phone.


better customer service


Better Customer Service and Employee Satisfaction at Zero Cost

Chatting platforms have become popular to improve communication internally and externally. Chatbots can enable your company to solve employee and customer issues. Studies show that bots reduce the number of IT and HR tickets by up to 15%.

Chatbots can boost employee and customer engagement but creating them can cost a premium. If you follow a prebuilt chatbot framework, the cost could reach $30,000. Power Virtual Agents on

Microsoft Power Platform allows anyone to create bots (even without coding knowledge) quickly.

With the Power Virtual Agents and Teams integration, you can create digital assistants that help improve communication between teams. These chatbots can also answer questions from your web visitors and social media followers.

The beauty of the platform is that you can later configure your chatbot to Azure resources. This configuration helps when your business expands and you want a highly efficient custom chatbot.

Transitioning from a low code bot to an optimized bot is seamless as Azure is behind your bot’s power.


Accelerate Innovations with Low Code Custom Apps

Innovation and business growth go hand in hand. But 41% of companies see innovation as a disruptive risk. It means they stick to older software versions that guarantee more stability.

One reason that holds back most companies is the belief that they’re not innovative. They are unable to recognize and harness the creativity within the company. As a result, employees feel they’re not empowered to explore new ideas or take risks.

Thankfully, Microsoft Power Automate brings a low-risk way of accelerating innovations and automating processes with a process advisor. With Power Apps, any employee can create low code custom apps to solve problems or improve processes.

Microsoft Power Automate makes it easier for medium-sized businesses to grow their businesses. It takes minimum training for your employees to launch apps using pre-built templates and easy drag and drop functions. Your IT team can quickly improve existing app functionalities using Azure resources and the over 200 power connectors.


Automation with Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate can help you improve the efficiency of all the other Microsoft products and services. Power Automate works with the other 250 + applications, including OneDrive, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics.

You can easily collect and store data on One Drive and use it to trigger an event or start a workflow. By pairing Dynamics 365 with Power Automate, you can improve customer experience by speeding up service.


Need any Help Maximizing Microsoft Automation?

Microsoft automation is a great way to improve business processes through automation. You can get rid of complex processes by automating business workflows. You can save time and costs by avoiding repetition and reducing process errors.

Contact us if you’re ready to start with a team of Microsoft tools experts.


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