Why Use SharePoint? Reasons To Consider Today!

If you are wondering why to use SharePoint, you’ll soon learn the simple answer is increased productivity for your teams. In reality, there are many reasons to implement SharePoint across your organization.

The first step to understanding why you would use SharePoint is understanding some of the differences between the two versions of SharePoint. In this article, we will outline these two primary versions, SharePoint Server (on-premises) and SharePoint Online.

Once you understand some of the key differentiators and which may work best for your organization, you can move on to understanding some of the use cases where SharePoint would benefit your team members.

Discover here, why use SharePoint, and you’ll soon wonder why you waited so long to implement it in your business as well.


Why Use SharePoint Server?

If your business has a modern data center, requires all data to be stored on private servers or, in general, feels better about having full control of your infrastructure, SharePoint Server may be your best option. With SharePoint Server, you install SharePoint on your own privately owned servers and have full control over any and all aspects of the software. There are pros and cons to this approach.

Pros of SharePoint Server

  • Information is stored on company controlled hardware
  • Full control of server performance
  • 100% customizable
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office


Cons of SharePoint Server

  • Hardware expenses
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Irregular updates for features and security
  • Upgrade/migration costs


If you are wondering why to use SharePoint in your office, the largest reason that most companies are doing it is because of increased productivity in an easy-to-access platform. What SharePoint offers that many similar programs that do not are that it is web-based. An Internet browser is all you need for yourself, or any member of your team when sharing files and daily experiences. And you can manage your entire team through a central hub that will improve work experiences for yourself and your employees. This, of course, will not only boost productivity but also improve your bottom line. One of the biggest advantages of SharePoint is that your users can use it across any device and any operating system platform. So if half of your team are Apple or Mac users, and the other half are not, you can still use the system together.


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Why Use SharePoint Online?

If your business historically suffers from technology lags or incompatibility across workspaces, it may be time to invest in SharePoint Online as a content management system. It is available with Microsoft Office 365, which is one of the most widely used platforms in the world, with approximately 56% of the world using it globally.

Microsoft Office 365 is also estimated to be used by 1 in 5 business workers across the world and is said to be the most widely used cloud in the world. Along with this system is a useful cloud app called SharePoint.

Much like SharePoint on-premises, the utilization of SharePoint Online offers users core functionality such as document management, records management and version history while also providing access through desktop and mobile devices.


Pros of SharePoint Online

  • No recurring hardware expenses
  • No server maintenance expenses
  • Constant feature and security updates
  • No upgrade/migration costs
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office
  • Highly secure


Cons of SharePoint Online

  • Shared infrastructure
  • Limited ability to customize
  • Environment (and data) stored in shared tenant


SharePoint Use Cases

Now that you have a better sense of where to start, why use SharePoint? Here are some SharePoint use cases that you may come across in your organization.

Use Case 1: Improved Collaboration

If you are questioning why use SharePoint, collaboration amongst your team members is likely a key concern. For many organizations, this is in fact the only reason the use SharePoint.

Luckily, regardless of what platform or operating system your workers are on, they can all use SharePoint together, and even edit documents at the same time. SharePoint offers a better experience for users that not only simplifies your daily to-do list but also maintains consistency for every one of your workers.

If you are a business contributing to the trillions of dollars in the remote worker and freelance American market, then SharePoint is an ideal collaboration tool for all of your employees to use together to work together. They can access team sites and store documents on a collaborative platform matter where they are in the world.

SharePoint has a Central Administration component that enables you to control everything your organization needs in one place. Set your system setting, back everything up, and manage your business security needs in one easy location.

And that’s not all. When asking “why use SharePoint” discover these 10 benefits of SharePoint you may not have even considered yet.


Use Case 2: Ability To Scale To Meet Needs

There are some business apps and platforms out there that may make you feel like Goldilocks. One is too big for your business, one is too small to handle your needs, but SharePoint makes it fit just right. When it comes to scalability, you can use SharePoint no matter how big or small your needs are. Scale it up, scale it down, and customize it to your heart’s content. You also don’t have to worry about a license expiring in the middle of a project or deadline. Add and remove users as you need to. Along with this scalability feature, is the scalability of your costs. You may purchase other programs that require you to be in all or nothing. SharePoint does not work that way. You pay for exactly the number of users that will have access, and not a penny more. The same applies to storage space. You pay for what you use, and that is it.


Use Case 3: Reduction in IT Maintenance

One of the beautiful things about SharePoint Online is that it requires very little maintenance, and is a cloud system that you decide what is used and what isn’t. This means that you are going to save in costs on both storage space and also IT expenses. You will usually hire IT, workers, to maintain most of your IT needs through routine tasks. All of that is built-in with SharePoint, including updates, patches, backups, and other routine forms of IT maintenance. Not only will you save money on IT costs, but you will also save on time costs when your team can focus on more important things like getting their jobs done.


Use Case 4: Compliance Concerns

Microsoft SharePoint is designed with compliance concerns in mind. If your employees are asking, why use SharePoint, the answer may be as easy as security. Microsoft SharePoint is fully compliant and up to code with almost any system or program that you want to use. You can use SharePoint Online with each of your employees, and it is in compliance with almost anything. Having your IT workers ensure compliance across systems is another expense you may have to undergo when not using SharePoint. With SharePoint Online, you are fully compliant with all necessary industry standards, including HIPAA, FISMA, FERPA, ISO 27001, and even EU Model Clauses and the United States-EU Safe Harbor Framework. Whether using Mac or Windows, Safari or Chrome, anyone in your organization can begin using it today. Why use SharePoint? It will save you money and improve productivity for everybody in your business.


Start Using SharePoint Today

There are some collaboration applications on the market today that can be confusing, clunky, and difficult to implement across multiple devices and platforms. The Microsoft suite is not one of them.

Today, Microsoft’s global revenue is approximately 125.8 billion USD and its net income is 39.24 billion. When you use Microsoft, you are not alone.

So if you are wondering why use SharePoint, the answers are simple. It is easy to use, and any of your employees can start being more productive with it no matter what device or operating system they are using.

You will not have to do it alone.

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