5 Reasons To Go With SharePoint for Nonprofits

Running a nonprofit requires top-level support.

If you run a nonprofit, you know the importance of motivated staff members, engaging volunteers, adequate funding, and a supportive community. You also know the importance of keeping everything organized and efficiently running.

Are you struggling to keep you and your team organized? Balancing always changing projects is difficult. It could be much easier with SharePoint for project management.

Tapping into the world of SharePoint for nonprofits changes the name of the game for your organization. Below is a list of 5 reasons why your nonprofit should be using this platform.


What is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based service that allows anyone with access to share, create, store, and rearrange information. It doesn’t require a special computer, all you need is internet access on your device.

Subscribe to the platform, set up a personal business SharePoint platform, and share the access info with your staff members. They’ll then be able to also create, share, and organize information on the cloud.


1. Major Consolidation

Is your desk a random collection of sticky notes? You need to listen to this.

SharePoint takes all those written tasks and consolidates them into one platform. You can get a jump start on document management, share them with employees, and store them for later, all in one swing.

Consolidation saves you time and energy that you can use on other important tasks. You’ll feel more productive than ever.

To get other team members on board, hire a SharePoint consultant team to train your staff on how to effectively use the platform. This takes away the responsibility of you having to show people how to find the correct document libraries.


2. Private Settings

When you set up your SharePoint cloud, you become the administrator. You have the power to choose what your team can and can’t see.

Create hidden folders of important financial information or plans for a future project. If you do need to share these folders with a few select members, you’re able to manage the end-user permissions.

Because nonprofits are typically small and more vulnerable to change, it’s important to have a way to keep information safe and secure. A member of a SharePoint consulting company can show you how.


3. Improved Communication

Many nonprofits have multiple hubs spread out all around the country (or world). SharePoint makes widespread communication easy.

Send out training reminders, calendar invites, and crucial updates through SharePoint team sites. Because SharePoint comes ready with reporting and calendar tools, you can throw some administrative tasks out the window. There’s no need to worry.

It is important to remind employees to check their SharePoint. This is especially important if you like to share funny GIFs during your daily coffee break.


4. Saved Money

Even after you pay for SharePoint consulting services, you’d be spending less than you would if you had to pay for software licenses, IT support, and new technology.

Plus, many organizations have enjoyed the financial and schedule flexibility of letting team members work from anywhere. Employees can use the cloud-based service from home, and you can keep the office lights shut off for a few days to save money.

Use this saved money to fund a new community project, take on an extra team member, or upgrade office buildings. You’ll enjoy the new financial flexibility.


5. Access on the Go

You can use all that SharePoint has to offer while on the move. Download the SharePoint app on your smartphone to have around-the-clock access.

Mobile access is great if you need to send updates and reminders while traveling and attending community events. It’s also ideal for busy parents who need to get a little work done while waiting for their kids at sports practice.

Your SharePoint consultant can lead you through how to access different features through the mobile app. They can also pass along the information to your team members!


Other Helpful Microsoft Applications for Nonprofits

Beyond SharePoint, there are several Microsoft applications your nonprofit should be using. You should look at getting started with:

Microsoft Teams

Installing Microsoft Teams is simple, and you’ll be ready for your next staff meeting in no time. This application allows members to meet within a virtual space.

It allows for a camera, microphone, and chat messages. The host of the meeting can even present through the app and share financial slideshow updates, important documents, or educational videos.

Microsoft 365 Email

Communication is key in a nonprofit. Increase communication and engagement by using Office 365 Email. This email platform allows you to send messages to people inside and outside of your cloud.

You can create and send calendar invitations and group threads. The mobile app is easy to use and is great for business trips or days you aren’t able to make it into the office.


Why Use Microsoft Consulting Services?

As our world evolves, technology evolves. Running a nonprofit takes a lot of time and dedication, and you don’t always have the time to catch up on the latest technology trends.

Microsoft consulting services show you how to use different Microsoft services to adapt to the world around you. They’re prepared and bring a proactive approach to the table.

By investing in Microsoft consulting services, you’ll be able to keep your nonprofit ahead of the game and prepare for growth.


The Benefits of Using SharePoint for Nonprofits

SharePoint is available to give your nonprofit the support it needs. Using SharePoint for nonprofits allows these organizations to expand and reach further than they could’ve ever imagined.

You’ll notice improved communication and task management with SharePoint. Because it’s mobile-friendly, you can even reap the benefits of this service while serving on community projects.

Are you in search of a Microsoft consulting service? IncWorx provides award-winning guidance and support to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Take a look at our website for a full list of our services, and contact us today to get the job started.

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