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IncWorx Frees Up American Electric Resources While Keeping End-Users Happy

American Electric Power (AEP) is one of the nation’s largest generators of electricity and owns the nation’s largest electricity transmission system. AEP operates and provides power to 11 states in the United States and requires over 19,000 employees in order to meet the daily demands of industrial and consumer energy use.

Given the critical nature of AEP’s business, they require high powered employees and business partners. AEP found themselves in a situation where their internal IT teams were tasked with supporting both complex SharePoint infrastructure issues as well as basic end user questions. The problem was that their talented internal employees were spending too much time on the end user questions, given the size of the company, and not enough time on advanced SharePoint business requirements and problems.


IncWorx Consulting was able to craft a solution that would allow AEP to offload their end user support issues to the IncWorx team and give the internal AEP team the time they needed to address some of the advanced SharePoint needs to help grow the platform within the company to ultimately make all of the business units more effective. Additionally, AEP recently moved to SharePoint 2010 and knew they would need some personalized and dedicated support for more complicated issues on this front as well. The end result was AEP being able to free up their valuable internal resources while still keeping their business users happy and supported to continually support the goal of making the business as a whole more efficient and removing the barriers of providing one of the most critical daily needs to 11 states in the United States.
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