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Hopebridge is a network of outpatient therapy clinics based in Indianapolis, Indiana that provides Physical, Occupational, Behavioral, and Speech therapy to children and their families.

Hopebridge came to IncWorx Consulting in 2015 when they operated 4 clinics and needed guidance and strategy with SharePoint given that they had multiple clinics in multiple locations, and needed a way for their staff to connect and share information with one another. Hopebridge’s team had limited technical resources available, but knew they needed to stay ahead of the curve on technology given some very aggressive growth goals that were planned over the course of a couple of years.   


Hopebridge contracted with IncWorx to ultimately implement Office 365/SharePoint Online to solve some of the known business pain points and also sought guidance on identifying other things they could streamline and optimize through SharePoint. IncWorx worked with Hopebridge to understand the core business, the growth plans, and unique variables within the clinics. IncWorx was able to ultimately design a site design and blueprint that laid the foundation for how the site was structured, how data would be accessed and stored, who could see what, and a number of different core foundational components of the farm. With a solid foundation in place, IncWorx was able to assist Hopebridge with leveraging out-of-box features and functionality to solve key business pain points that had initially been identified as well as various processes that were discovered along the way that could be optimized and ultimately help Hopebridge align for future success with their growth goals. Thanks to Hopebridge’s technology leadership, they were able to plan ahead of the growth and leverage IncWorx’s expertise to create a foundational system that has allowed them to grow to over 10 clinics and quadruple their employee headcount without encountering crippling growing pains as a result.  
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