Kansas City Chiefs





IncWorx Implements Custom Branding for Increased Usability & Efficiency

The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the premier teams in the NFL, based in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Chiefs move fast both on the field and off, and when it comes to matching up technology with their business, they need high powered solutions. The Chiefs implemented SharePoint 2010 to replace their old intranet to increase the ability to collaborate and share information across the organization and ultimately to make the business more efficient.

Two big issues that the Chiefs identified with SharePoint 2010 were that the design left them wanting more and user interface was not as intuitive as they hoped. There were concerns that as a fast paced business, the efficiency and productivity of the end users would suffer and there would be poor adoption. In order to address the issues, some of the internal IT staff began devising a plan to build a custom design and develop tools to enhance the user experience. They quickly found that the efforts would take a great deal of time and resources, in addition to everything else that they had get done on a daily basis.


After viewing a demonstration of BrandIt, the IT staff for the Chiefs quickly concluded that BrandIt met a lot of requirements they had developed for a more intuitive design, and had additional value adds that would drastically improve the usability of SharePoint 2010 that would ultimately help everyone in the organization be more efficient. The time required to implement the solution went from 2-4 months if they built it custom, to less than 2 hours, which was the time it took to get BrandIt up and running. The Chiefs technical staff can now focus their efforts elsewhere since the huge hurdle that they were facing was tackled by BrandIt!

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