IncWorx Develops System for Effortless Compliance & Ease of Use

Nucor Corporation is an American producer of steel and related products. It currently ranks as the largest steel producer in the United States of America and is the largest "mini-mill" steelmaker. 

When the team from Nucor Steel contacted IncWorx, they were looking for a seamless solution to track their injury & illness incidents and reports in a more collaborative environment. To meet the requirements of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) they followed a process that required an individual to enter large amounts of the same information into two separate systems. To ensure compliance while providing a one stop solution for data entry, Nucor needed a partner who had deep technical expertise as well as the ability to understand the reporting process and compliance requirements.


IncWorx built a flash report system in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Users are now able to enter an incident in a single Flash Report system, and through a series of workflows the information entered will move through the Incident Reporting process and into the reporting system. Not only does this reduce the amount of effort required to enter an incident, but it ensures each incident is reviewed and approved by the appropriate members of the management team. Custom alerting was also utilized to ensure timely closure of reports in compliance with OSHA requirements.
  • Incident Reports Awaiting Completion (Flash Reports)
  • Incident Reports Awaiting Review and Closing
  • Closed Reports
Capturing and storing in a single location allows Nucor to stay on task, view version history, and ensure success during OSHA audits and reviews.

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