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IncWorx Saves Pinnacle Time, Money, & Increases Productivity

In business since 1934, Pinnacle Bank has served the Georgian community’s banking needs by placing emphasis on customer service with quick response and multiple locations.

For Pinnacle, access and communication across a shared environment is crucial in the banking industry. SharePoint had initially been implemented for this reason over a decade ago and was not only out of date, but in need of some maintenance and expertise. To compound the issue, they did not have the man-power available on staff. They need more resources and expert knowledge.


IncWorx was initially contracted to conduct a very deep audit and assessment to figure out how large a hole they were really in. What IncWorx found was that while the data was there, it was unstructured and serving little more than a document repository in WSS 3.0. Through discussion with the Pinnacle team and investigation into what was not only the best technical solution, but what fit their business needs the tightest, it was determined that IncWorx would aid them clean up any unused sites and take them up step by step through a migration path to get to version 2013. In what can sometimes be a tricky and time consuming task, working closely with the client and leveraging IncWorx multiple subject matter experts, we were able to successfully get them all the way there in only a short period of time saving them time, money and productivity.

Here at IncWorx, we always pride ourselves in customers that enjoy our partnership enough to do repeat business with us, so it was a great compliment when they approached us to serve as their support partner to provide on-going maintenance, development and administration. This made them an ideal fit for our extremely popular S3 support program in which everything SharePoint is covered under one easy to use umbrella of support. Within this program, they have had access to and utilized our team approach of developers, architects and administrators to spearhead several different custom workflows and forms that they have been in need of for some time and even have plans to migrate to 2016 in addition to support.
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